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Remember student kicked out of class for saying there's only two genders? He's been expelled. School threatened him to not speak to press. submitted by MagnusVeritas to politics

Sheeitpost 3 points 71 points (+74|-3) ago

Pieces of shit. Evolutionary biology is based on fact!

Don't Trust Your Lying Eyes submitted by blumen4alles to politics

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Founder of Voat, the 'Censorship-Free' Reddit, Begs Users to Stop Making Death Threats. submitted by Timmy2 to technology

Sheeitpost 1 points 63 points (+64|-1) ago

Totally agree. Voat isn't a "group" it's a platform. People will say dumb or dangerous things just as they will say smart and helpful things. It's no different than Reddit or Twitter except Voat allows freedom of speech whereas Reddit and Twitter have a different code of conduct much like what a company HR would dictate for its employees.

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RunNPCshortcircuit.exe submitted by Sheeitpost to funny

Sheeitpost 33 points -26 points (+7|-33) ago

Yes I can answer but you're not going to like my answer. I have worked with Jews and still do, in different areas, and in my opinion they tend to have higher IQ's and EQ's. The bell curve goes into this. Supposing the research was biased in the bell curve, it doesn't match my experience, so I can't believe it is biased research.

Although some can be combative emotionally or verbally "short" (which is more of an amplifier in a competitive environment than it is a drawback), this is no different than other ethnicities who have unique characteristics, or similar characteristics. Sometimes I wish I had the same frame.

However the main difference between performance I don't necessarily think is an IQ or EQ difference. It's in how they view compensation. Christians tend to view getting paid big sums of money as greed or having scammed someone. Jews tend to view getting paid big sums of money as having delivered value to the marketplace.

Value could be defined as a benefit to a customer or client that the person aknowledges is a benefit. In other words, if the customer thinks you delivered value... you did. It is not the place of the business person to say, "Hey... you are 20lbs overweight you need to stop eating at my McDonald's!".

What right does a businessperson have to tell a customer what they can and can't do when we have freedom in this country?

When someone is Christian, they will often subconsciously sabotage themselves from delivering value where there is the possibility of a negative outcome to their peers, unless that negative is applied to the entire social group (in my opinion Christians tend to feel too MUCH responsibility for other's actions). Example would be Chicfilet's rise due to Christian obesity-acceptance. If "everyone" is getting fat, there is no moral question in their psyche if it's wrong to scale the restaurants.

But what's most interesting is that since Jews tend to view value-add as the greatest benefit you can give society (and it is) they want to do it at scale. This ability to scale to serve the greatest amount of people as possible is why they tend to be richer both as a group and at the very top 1% of society, moreso than Christians.

Now to top this off, Muslims largely don't believe in interest, so they are stuck in a previous century as interest is really needed to advance our petri dish called Earth. Had Constantine not made Christinity the official religion of the Roman empire perhaps "white people" would be Stoic and more competitive, but that also would have brought new problems as well.

Life is much more nuanced than hate-- thanks for reading.

Edit: Oh and they almost got destroyed in WW2 which was less than 100 years ago, so can you forgive them if some lean left? Stick to being against cultural marxism.

Literally true submitted by Sheeitpost to funny

Sheeitpost 19 points -19 points (+0|-19) ago

You're in America, not Nazi Germany.

Trump may be considering paying back the $1 trillion China holds in US Treasuries with the $1 trillion of debt the Communist Party defaulted on when it came to power submitted by SarMegahhikkitha to news

Sheeitpost 20 points -19 points (+1|-20) ago

And that's why you throw golf clubs and/or don't play at all and Trump plays a lot. Strategy sphere of the brain. Not making fun of you I play tennis, which is tactics, the right fucking now part of the brain.