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Hail the King of Men, Jesus Christ., submitted: 10/28/2019 9:04:29 PM, 53 points (+100|-47)

Triple Talented White Women, submitted: 8/28/2019 3:42:22 PM, 14 points (+18|-4)

First COVID19 Patient In Hungary Was An Iranian Pharmacology Student Who Didn't Stay Home As Requested, Now Hungary Has Over 520 Cases, submitted: 4/2/2020 2:53:26 AM, 14 points (+17|-3)

For All Goats and Lurkers., submitted: 8/5/2019 7:52:39 AM, 10 points (+19|-9)

the ADL For Real, submitted: 9/20/2019 3:41:54 AM, 9 points (+10|-1)

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Most Serial Killers Are White, submitted: 1/30/2020 8:17:08 PM, -13 points (+2|-15)

Adolf Hitler Was the AntiChrist, submitted: 9/20/2019 3:39:28 AM, -8 points (+2|-10)

Biggest Redpill to Swallow, submitted: 9/19/2019 11:03:08 PM, -5 points (+2|-7)

Those Who Know Truth Know The Fuhrer Is Not Dead, submitted: 1/23/2020 1:11:22 AM, -5 points (+4|-9)

Face Reality, Betrayers of Blood., submitted: 11/23/2019 1:47:36 AM, -4 points (+3|-7)

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Girls make shrine for negroe rapist xxxTentacious (anti white rapper) - gets the right response from aryan chad submitted by SerbianKebab to politics

ShakklezthaKlown 1 points 99 points (+100|-1) ago

Slav action. the only action that ever happens.

Activists dressed-up as clowns interrupted a local 'drag queen story hour' event in New Orleans to draw attention to the degeneracy of the situation submitted by noworldorder to news

ShakklezthaKlown 1 points 67 points (+68|-1) ago

and a huge crowd of us dressed as clowns would be fucking terrifying to our enemies.

Jim Watkins, owner of 8chan, the website the alleged El Paso shooter manifesto was uploaded to, releases a statement claiming the manifesto was NOT uploaded by the Walmart shooter submitted by noworldorder to news

ShakklezthaKlown 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

everyone knows a real manifesto would

1 be dripping with references to memes popular within this community

2 name the jew

3 outline the actual problems facing our society, not just surface level "im an angry white boy" nonsense

if a manifest does not meet these prerequisites, you can bet it wasn't one of us who wrote it, but a shadow figure.

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Black Girl, 17, lured White Father Domino's delivery man to an empty home with a fake pizza order before killing him during a botched robbery submitted by 1Sorry_SOB to news

ShakklezthaKlown 23 points -23 points (+0|-23) ago

they're every bit as human as you and your mother.

9 Whites shot. On June 4th in lilly White Alamosa, CO a Liberal LAWYER rioter SHOT a White Veteran Trump Voter in his Truck. All the liberal witnesses LIED to police in reports, claiming ramming them! submitted by zum to videos

ShakklezthaKlown 23 points -22 points (+1|-23) ago

Your view toward other human beings is nasty and sickening.

May the Gods burn you down to your feet when the time comes, evil one.

The U.N. literally has a page called "replacement migration" that targets "Europe and the EU". submitted by The_Ghost to whatever

ShakklezthaKlown 20 points -20 points (+0|-20) ago

oh please. most "white people" in the states are generational mongrels anyway. nothing of value lost. save the northern european countries if you want to save the white race. the US and lower Europe are lost