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Breaking!!! Promised today (Monday 2/6/17) on InfoWars: "Washington insider Doug Hagmann reveals the ongoing war against pedophile rings in DC. Tune in!" submitted by Scirel to pizzagate

Scirel 0 points 51 points (+51|-0) ago

So here is a breakdown of a few "new" tidbits from Hagmann:

  1. There have been intense fights, both verbal and (apparently) physical between the NYPD and FBI regarding if, how, and when to pursue the leads they got from Weiner's "laptop." Comey was caught in the middle of this and this is why he did what he did during the campaign. Trump know about this and this is why he kept Comey on. But now Preet Bharara (US Atty, NY Southern District) feels like now that Trump is in he feels free to move forward with indictments.
  2. They not only seized a laptop, but other devices, including a desktop, thumb drives, and a modem, which had incriminating info on them.
  3. Good moral people in the Department have made backups of all the info to guard against power player shenanigans.
  4. At least 30 agencies throughout the country are involved in investigations.
  5. The operating players and principles have a lot of overlap with the anti-Trump, push for Sharia invasions, Black Lives Matter, and the like. So it is all part of the larger globalist agenda.

Other than that, not much new in the area of actual crimes or greater details. But the fact that Hagmann is clear about the reality of investigations moving forward with the intention to bring actual prosecutions is pretty major. You kind of need to listen to Hagmann's interspersed comments to get his best info since Alex tends to talk over him in his alpha tone.

But even then, Alex sounds like he really wants to "own" this story, which is kind of huge in itself (perhaps he sees it as his way to become as big as Drudge who made his name by covering the Lewinsky scandal??? Just thinking out loud here). But sure Alex, you can have it, even though the reality is this one is "owned" by We the People and the good citizen investigators who have been daily visiting and contributing to, e.g., this Voat forum. And, yeah, I love you brother Alex, but if you want to own this story, at least get your FACTS straight! Because right now you are scrambled all over the place on that front. With that said, move forward with our blessings a prayers!

Q posts picture of NY Mag article entitled "The Storm is the New Pizzagate, Only Worse" submitted by Scirel to pizzagate

Scirel 1 points 21 points (+22|-1) ago

What's funnier than hell is that the writer of the article, Paris Martineau, actually posts graphics that explain the details of what Q is saying pretty fairly. She, of course, is completely UNHINGED in her comments, and ends the article with a veiled call to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE!!!

But for the tens of people that might have their head screwed on straight, they might actually start looking into Q, and eventually, Pizzagate. But for the masses, I say, Don't distract your enemies while they are busy destroying themselves.

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"Q" just mentioned the children from Haiti, in a trafficking sense. "Q" sits right next to the President, We are winning this war! submitted by bdmthrfkr to pizzagate

Scirel 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

Is that why military people specifically asked Jerome Corsi to publicly work on decoding the messages?

You clearly haven't heard Corsi clarify how MI drops work. These aren't God's prophets. They work in a real time war theater scenario. Things get foggy sometimes.

David Seaman " AP Says High Level Arrests Made Today " "My Source Was Only Off By An Hour Or Two" submitted by Watching to pizzagate

Scirel 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I know, exactly what I thought.

Jerry Sandusky's son was arrested. The earth is quaking under our feet...

Former high stockmarket broker tells about child sacrifice - watch from 22:00 submitted by Klo3t3 to pizzagate

Scirel 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Well okay - interesting info, but it's not like we didn't know this went on. What we need are names, times, places, evidence - you know, stuff that can actually get particular people arrested and hopefully start breaking up the band. And yet again, none of that. Just like EVERY one of these so-called "revelatory" interviews (like the one we just got from Dr. Phil).

It's almost like they let a few people out who will "tell their story" without actually revealing who the actors are just so they can laugh at us suckers who can't do a damn thing about it. At least that is what they think.