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Is there an endgame to this forum? submitted by Cat_anon to pizzagate

SavedbyJCfromRSA_MK 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

I want to stand up for CHAOS THEORY.

We are like dandelions thriving in your yard. Plant enough seeds and some will escape the weed killer. Parking all the information we have discovered in one centralized, organized place makes an easy target on the internet. Having many anonymous people holding one or two (hundred for some) scraps of information, makes us decentralized and tougher to silence.

If this ever gets hotter, because of wide-eyed MSM focus on the subject matter, substantial well documented original source material awaits discovery. It's difficult to disrupt because we the people form the best search function. Ask a question and someone pops in with an answer including footnotes. It gets debated, shilled, scalded and may even survive all that. It's a Rough And Ready process.

Hannity backs off... "for now." submitted by HolyMoly0 to pizzagate

SavedbyJCfromRSA_MK 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

I tuned in to watch, I'm not a regular Fox guy, too much yelling for me. A good buddy is but he has a tougher stomach than I do. He's a real redneck. Hannity's raw guts in this situation has got my admiration. It's principled like the old left used to be.

This is a big big game, a most dangerous game. They stop at nothing and play for keeps. That dead men can't testify has got to be any mafia's favorite law. Pedo's form a mafia, everywhere. They have a sign language, the firm handshake and the same grin we know from powerful people everywhere. That grin is their quick ticket into the next level of power and abuse.

That he backed off for now is fine by me. Two steps forward and one step back will often keep you alive. This ain't over.

Wanted: A few good Goats to help watch the wall in v/Pizzagate submitted by Vindicator to pizzagate

SavedbyJCfromRSA_MK 4 points 15 points (+19|-4) ago

I want to thank the MODS one and all, past and present, for making this discussion possible.

The abused have learned to hide everywhere in plain sight. It's difficult to speak even anonymously. It's something you never get over, self doubt and depression are the natural reactions unfortunately. Abusers on the other hand, certainly verbal abusers here on pizzagate, post constantly like machine guns. We need you MODS. Your the Lions at the Gate making this a safer space, keeping it as civil as possible, where everyone yells at once.

Platoons in hostile territory, always have a point man. It's the most dangerous position, it rotates among the most able bodied and mentally capable within the group. We need you, you with your thick skin and fortitude. Mods are necessary. If you don't have a thick skin, please fake it til you make it. Do it for the children.

If we are correct, that organized sexual abuse of infants and children is a world wide reality, then your time spent doing dangerous duty without any reward or acclaim, will not go unnoticed. It will be noted, your fearlessness and sense of duty, on a plane that matters more than this one. We older people can feel that. You don't need youth, beauty, or a strong back for this, just a strong mind. Again Thank You in advance for stepping up, taking a turn. You can do it!

3 lowest rated comments:

look at this sick goat.... what can be done about sickos on voat? submitted by jangles to pizzagatewhatever

SavedbyJCfromRSA_MK 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

This person admits to watching porn and liking it. What else? Started watching as a five year old who was more tech savvy than his parents. Claims to be engaging in nothing illegal.

I'm not ready personally to "cast the first stone".

We as a society have all been subject to a very well crafted mind fuck. Please Wake Up.

If you kill the messenger rather than listen, you will always learn nothing.

look at this sick goat.... what can be done about sickos on voat? submitted by jangles to pizzagatewhatever

SavedbyJCfromRSA_MK 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I must be just a namby pamby. Do you recommend I sign off permanently? I'm feeling not mean enough for your tastes.

Commenting here is said to be hazardous to my occupation and income if DeToxed. Whats the point of that? Maybe I'm just a fraud with false abuse claims? What do you think? It's getting old and so am I, waiting for something to happen. Trump saying my button is bigger than yours, is sort of a last straw.

God, please change the channel.

look at this sick goat.... what can be done about sickos on voat? submitted by jangles to pizzagatewhatever

SavedbyJCfromRSA_MK 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Do you have kids? How many? Where do you live, like what state. Are you male? Don't want to answer? Get my point?

I used to be stupid enough to answer smart folks questions like yourself. Others here gave me a few security tips, Thank the Lord.

I'll just put you on BLOCK.