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[RANT] Just what the fuck is wrong with programmers and their awful, usless and kludgy shit?, submitted: 8/13/2017 5:10:02 PM, 107 points (+111|-4)

TIL about the King David Hotel bombing - July 22, 1946, submitted: 5/17/2018 12:11:36 AM, 33 points (+34|-1)

0 upvotes on 9th post in /r/all (50% upvoted), submitted: 3/3/2017 4:37:23 PM, 12 points (+12|-0)

Can someone knowledgeable explain to me why this is bullshit? [Triggering to transphobic shitlords], submitted: 5/3/2017 3:31:13 PM, 10 points (+12|-2)

Make your bets: how long until MS's Azure -Voat's hosting- cucks us?, submitted: 5/20/2017 7:25:29 AM, 9 points (+9|-0)

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Ever wonder what kind of parents would raise someone like Lena Dunham? Meet Carroll Dunham, her father the artist submitted by LionElTrump to whatever

Salbuchi_2019 0 points 62 points (+62|-0) ago

I think its only purposes are to launder money and to swindle millionaire retards.

Paid shill loses his cool over at /pol/ submitted by ComedicGoat to 4chan

Salbuchi_2019 0 points 49 points (+49|-0) ago

I hope so but I don't think so.

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In latest privacy overreach Windows 10 Build 17063 insists on your phone number during setup(Also, beware of the Microsoft Shills trying to defend Microsoft) submitted by Realhero33 to technology

Salbuchi_2019 24 points -10 points (+14|-24) ago

It is as bad and sometimes worse. The only thing that changed is that Windows is becoming worse than Linux.

WHO: Medical marijuana is not addictive, shouldn't be a scheduled drug submitted by formati to news

Salbuchi_2019 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

Medical marihuana doesn't contain THC as far as I know and that's the "dude, weed" chemical component.

CBD is what is thought to have healing properties.