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Tom Fitton --- Nationally, there are about 3.5 million EXTRA names on voting rolls submitted by defrockeddavidbrock to GreatAwakening

SCRoadTrip 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

Wish it was only 3.5 million. Start mass deportations and it will help.


SCRoadTrip 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago

8 indictments opened - only 60,000+ to go. More perp walks please. Maybe OAN will cover them since the leftists won't.

Something big is about to drop: confirmed by POTUS himself. submitted by SerialBrain2 to GreatAwakening

SCRoadTrip 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago

If you haven't before, it is now time to trust the plan. Last call to board. Claiming support and knowledge later will be a lie you will have to live with as well as proof you are a bandwagon fanboy/girl. Your digital footprint remains for all to see. Choose this day whom you will serve...


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WHY HAVE THERE NOT BEEN ANY BIG ARRESTS YET? - PART 1 submitted by srayzie to GreatAwakening

SCRoadTrip 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Posts like yours crack me up. Why bother? If its a LARP it dies under its own weight. If not, then it will prove out over the next few months. Your beliefs about PDT are not relevant - they cloud your reasoning if not trolling. So I guess Gowdy and Meadows are just gaming by subpoenaing Comey and Lynch while stating the end of their investigation is near. Funny how that times out. Senate majority, Whitaker implementing justice unabated, etc. My prediction is the next two years are going to be very painful for you as PDT continues to talk about his and his supporters' accomplishments.

Q sent me.

Compilation of BOOMS to SUM [-21] up to today, Mar 19. (Articles, threads etc) submitted by love_light_truth to GreatAwakening

SCRoadTrip 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

You need to put in some work. I could easily tell from the MSM telecast video it was fake.

NZ is their refuge - they want to be able to walk the streets ... submitted by Gigabump to GreatAwakening

SCRoadTrip 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I don't doubt it at all. These people are so sick and evil. All of this prepping rather than turning to the Lord and receiving eternity in heaven with him no matter what happens on earth. Amazing stupidity.