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Watch liberals squirm when asked if AA should be applied to sports. submitted by ShakaDindu to Niggers

Rockstone 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago

Affirmative Action is based on the false premise that there is an infinite number of places and jobs available for an infinite number of people. Leftists conveniently forget that with AA there HAS to be a loser. And that person, loses on skin colour alone. Even the daftest, most stupid 'racists' I've met never judged blacks on skin colour alone. That of course would be completely stupid and irrational. But governments and academia can base policy on it.

I've asked a pro AA leftist on that basis once if they liked their job. They said yes and when I asked, when they were first informed they had succeeded in getting that job, if they would have been happy to hand that job over to a lesser qualified black person on account of skin colour. They squirmed accordingly, sort of said yes and then got very angry cos that affects them and "Thats Different"

Question: How do you turn a bleeding-heart Liberal into a Racist within the course of a month? submitted by Sloppy_Joe to Niggers

Rockstone 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

You can do it through debate. Here's what I do.

You're always gonna be on the defensive first as a 'racist' so start by turning the tables and making the first accusation so they have to defend first.

My technique: "There are black kids dying on the streets every day because of your attitude. Your refusal to acknowledge statistics, facts and culpability holds back truthful debate, and therefore postpones the solutions they need to help them. Your attitude contributes to another generation of young black people sentenced to a life of underachievement and crime. How do you feel about that?

This always rattles them. They often are more open to debating facts then because they are now 'helping' blacks. Now you can start using facts and reason and they are 'morally compelled' to listen and join in.

Eventually you'll get to IQ and stuff. They will often disregard any science and statistics as bad science. At this point you need to turn the tables again and hand over the gauntlet back to them.

Example: "OK so you reject those studies and disagree with them. But you are clear about your position (on black IQ for example) what studies and evidence have you seen that brought you so firmly to the conclusion that blacks have equal intelligence?"

They will either stutter and blather or try and offer something. This will give you the opportunity to refute.

Eventually you'll get to that sweet purple pill moment when they bow their heads a little, and whisper "Yeah you may be right......but what will we do about it?"

Then you've got them.

That's the question they are all afraid of and trying to avoid. What'll we do about it.

deleted by user submitted by X5 to Niggers

Rockstone 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago

....If it makes you feel any better about those savages, on the plus side you woke up white this morning.

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Black and Blonde. submitted by eagleshigh to Niggers

Rockstone 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

One of the many interesting comments:

"Rap. The product of Negro consciousness that is so far beyond the pale of the European mind that it cannot be convincingly imitated and therefore appropriated–and so the European must stand outside of it and “admire” it from a distance–the fulfillment of Marcuse’s wet dreams.

In Rap’s miscegenation, bloodthirstiness, voodoo chanting and jungle lust negroes have at last, finally, succeeded in creating an effigy of themselves that is so disgusting that white Euro society cannot digest it.

There is a remarkable similarity between Rap’s lifestyle and the cultural customs observed and written about by the first white explorers and clergy who penetrated into deepest, darkest Africa. In Rap, American blacks have charted their regression to their natural level: animistic, jungle fever ridden, fetid with rancid body fluids, boozed and drugged into a bleary-eyed stupor and smeared with the blood of their rivals.

Ain’t it Grand. They are so authentic that we can only stand on the sidelines and applaud.

They have finally gone where whites can’t follow but now let them create a unique society for themselves in this, their sanctuary. They can’t do it, because Rap venerates values that have no Future. Blacks have painted themselves into a corner. Their increasingly frantic demands for relief by whites through bailouts and affirmative action testify to this.

They made their beds, let them sleep in them."

Jarod Taylor's Iowa Robocall for Mein Fuhrer Donald Trump submitted by Kowal1488 to Niggers

Rockstone 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I'm not an engineer so I don't have an answer to that but the precedents suggest it's perfectly viable. Hadrians wall, separating England and Scotland was built 2000 years ago without any motorized or hydraulic equipment, in dangerous rebel territory, out of stone. And it still stands! The Australian rabbit fence is a cheap modern example of continental scale separation. The obvious combination of the two (Large distance and a strong barrier) would of course be the Great Wall Of China. Imagine what that wall would look like with today's tech and materials.

I suspect a mixture of wall and trenches depending on the geographical challenges and costs would be entirely economically viable.

Eagleshigh has demodded himself here. submitted by Kowal1488 to Niggers

Rockstone 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago


That's really disappointing.