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Should v/protectvoat accept that they are becoming irrelevant?, submitted: 2/27/2016 4:44:03 AM, -22 points (+15|-37)

I refuse to watch or read about the NZ shooting. I'm not giving the fucker an audience., submitted: 3/17/2019 5:30:44 AM, -17 points (+3|-20)

I'm going to get my appendix taken out right away. If I don't make it..., submitted: 4/12/2016 11:58:50 PM, -9 points (+3|-12)

Do not allow users to delete their own comments, submitted: 12/20/2015 1:06:12 AM, -7 points (+4|-11)

Holy fuck guys, simmer down. Spread out the content., submitted: 2/24/2018 2:10:35 PM, -7 points (+5|-12)

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From the KKK rally today in Anaheim. Photo Cred: Heather Davini Boucher submitted by NihilistsLivesMatter to pics

Redditsdead 2 points 77 points (+79|-2) ago

Everything I read said that the counter protesters were there first and started the violence. Are the kkk not entitled to free speech and assembly? Before you spaz out at me, I'm not defending what they say, just their right to say it.

Anon likes Pokemon submitted by Aaragon to 4chan

Redditsdead 0 points 54 points (+54|-0) ago

I never try to please people who will never be happy.

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There was a baby goat at school today! submitted by peggykohara to pics

Redditsdead 28 points -19 points (+9|-28) ago

Well voat is now established. You can fuck off. And I ain't no fatty, though I have nothing to prove to a retard like you.

Speaking of retards, do you understand what freedom of speech is and how there is almost no way I can infringe on it, in this setting? I'd explain it to you but it would be lost on retarded ears.

Cheers bub. I'm done interacting with you. Go suck on Caitlyn Jenners shit covered dick.

There was a baby goat at school today! submitted by peggykohara to pics

Redditsdead 34 points -18 points (+16|-34) ago

Fuck off douchebag. I forgot you little faggots were even here. Most normal people have all of your subs blocked. I'll do my best to forget you again.

Muslims attack Danish girls with rock & acid during traditional graduation festivities submitted by TAThatBoomerang to Worldnews

Redditsdead 19 points -17 points (+2|-19) ago

I ask this in ernest, has feminism really effected your every day life? Besides not being an asshole at work, and even then we get away with a lot, it hasn't effected mine