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This was a prom picture?!! Saw on Facebook and can't believe this ham is that young..., submitted: 5/1/2016 11:55:51 PM, 166 points (+168|-2)

Why I'm not in the local scene anymore, submitted: 12/31/2016 12:47:46 AM, 119 points (+122|-3)

Another "in the wild" Tess, from before she hit it big(ger), submitted: 1/6/2016 11:00:24 PM, 116 points (+117|-1)

Thin privilege is not needing a table of medicines when weight loss would solve 90% of your problems, submitted: 9/11/2015 1:57:56 AM, 102 points (+102|-0)

Big fat fabulous life - the mom's comment is priceless , submitted: 6/16/2016 12:45:00 AM, 77 points (+77|-0)

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No words..., submitted: 3/6/2016 1:24:31 AM, 6 points (+6|-0)

Belly "dancers" from my old glad I never visited a show!, submitted: 3/21/2016 5:17:12 PM, 7 points (+7|-0)

Dancing pig rolling in mud, sorry for the FB link, submitted: 6/12/2016 2:28:55 PM, 7 points (+7|-0)

8 years old, yes really, full of condishunz, submitted: 7/11/2015 4:10:32 PM, 8 points (+11|-3)

Tried to help this guy lose it years ago, he lost a lot and then..., submitted: 7/7/2015 6:28:30 PM, 9 points (+9|-0)

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Left 4 years ago. Right 2016. How to get this fabulous body in just 4 years! Here is my step by step guide" submitted by ActualHourglass to fatpeoplehate

RedditRunaway 0 points 58 points (+58|-0) ago

One of the top comment was her being a good "roll model" I just can't stop laughing

God bless the Nurses... submitted by 00ellis to fatpeoplehate

RedditRunaway 0 points 37 points (+37|-0) ago

Yep there goes dinner. Oh god. But medical stories are always my favorite....

Young, fat women have got to be the stupidest people in the world submitted by Swole_is_life to fatpeoplehate

RedditRunaway 4 points 37 points (+41|-4) ago

Same goes for men though, it's just more subtle.

Oh you need help with homework? I'll meet you after school. Oh you need a bit more training at a sport? You look capable, so we'll give you some extra one-on-one training. Etc etc. Plus, let's never forget slimmer men and women on average get paid more and get raises/promotions more quickly. You're not being misogynist, just real.

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deleted by user submitted by HasSelfControl to fatpeoplehate

RedditRunaway 8 points -4 points (+4|-8) ago

It's about the appointment of a guy who's said a good bit of anti-Semitic, white supremacist and anti lgbtq stuff, as well as some fairly sexist things. One of those who even pisses off a lot of Republicans types.

You're totally right though, no calling attention to it like it does with everything else. I wish everyone would ignore it and let it go away.

Spotted obeasts in the Shitlordiest(?) part of my city: Chinatown submitted by shittydrawing to fatpeoplehate

RedditRunaway 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Oh and to add to my other comment but in response to yours, if this is the right place, no one cares. My sister visited and she's huge (about 350??) and nobody stared or gave her dirty looks. (I was embarrassed but whatever lol)

Spotted obeasts in the Shitlordiest(?) part of my city: Chinatown submitted by shittydrawing to fatpeoplehate

RedditRunaway 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

If you go on the other side of Bellaire it's the Vietnamese section and all the roads are in English and renamed to something Vietnamese (ex: Bellaire is Saigon). It's also where the Hong Kong Mall with a good Asian grocery store is. They have some things in there that are harder to find elsewhere.