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deleted by user submitted by openborderforisrael to news

RedHawk 8 points 90 points (+98|-8) ago

The rules on the right for /v/news state that "OA = opinion/analysis" can be included in the flair tags. Its also a recent article, posted yesterday.

The mods here seem to view this subverse differently from that other website.

Oppression now vs Oppression Then submitted by Clayton to pics

RedHawk 24 points 39 points (+63|-24) ago

A better representation for "Oppression now" would be a Zionist Israeli militant with the Star of David holding a gun to the head of Palestinian child.

Jewish extremists torch Palestinian homes, killing toddler submitted by FreeSpeachRocks to Worldnews

RedHawk 6 points 31 points (+37|-6) ago

Zionism is the worst threat we have faced since Nazism. To them this baby is a lesser being and worthless. It views non-Jews as lesser beings, imagine what the Israeli regime would have done if they had the population of Nazi Germany.

This isnt just about Palestinians, the dangers of Zionism are much deeper and bigger than that.

3 lowest rated comments:

France's Far-Right Party Calls For Nation To "Re-Arm Itself", Revoke Muslims' Passports, "Eradicate" Radical Islam | Zero Hedge submitted by kona_mocha to news

RedHawk 19 points -13 points (+6|-19) ago

It doesnt solve the root of the problem : imperalism and wars in Muslim countries plus our support to the Zionist regime is what is causing this.

In fact, if you eliminate Israel that whole region would be peaceful. Sadly, the Jewish Zionist lobby has the West by the balls.

FBI: Middle Eastern Men Intimidating U.S. Military Families In Colorado & Wyoming submitted by toobaditworks to news

RedHawk 8 points -6 points (+2|-8) ago

Can't blame them, how many people from the Middle East have we slaughtered since 1990 ? All those wars were pointless for us and just benefited the Israeli regime.

Sikh friend just sent me this submitted by Iamdandy to funny

RedHawk 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

The interesting thing is that the Sikh religion is closer to Islam in terms of its ideology than to Hinduism.

Even in India, there arent many problems between Sikhs and Muslims, or even between Muslims and Christians. Although Hindu nationalism has created problems between the Hindus and Muslims/Christians.