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ALERT: Patrick Byrne, PhD & founder of says he and his volunteer team can prove forensically the election was rigged, 100% confident. submitted by Sheeitpost to politics

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(siren image) This bombshell will be released in just two weeks! (siren image)

Jessica feels chemistry. submitted by trofa to Hiddenlol

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"The entire video is actually a sketch, created by Ronnie Miller, a budding comedian influencer with an Instagram following of 60,200 and 18,900 on TikTok."


Doxxing Tallest_shill and family submitted by RabbiPuttitout to funny

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The mystery of the baby from Eraserhead has been revealed.

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Tucker Carlson going on vacation suddenly, to go trout fishing submitted by PhilKDick to news

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won't see him no more... guess its back to jacking it to asmr videos of bitches pretending to do shit.

Karen Makes a Scene at Her Ex-Husband's House submitted by zainn to videos

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no she's fat