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deleted by user submitted by JohnPwrinkle to AskVoat

RamboCommando 3 points 176 points (+179|-3) ago

But here we can still make a change.

Nobody on Reddit really gives a shit what we think... here, we're fighting the problem before it really gets a chance to start.

if this was Reddit, we would have all been banned from AskVoat hours and hours ago.

Voat is new, we get to make it what we want... the'll be some bumps in the road to establish the type of community we want to build here.

A question for introverts out there - how do you make friends as an adult? submitted by patan to AskVoat

RamboCommando 0 points 25 points (+25|-0) ago

I'm going to give out different advice and say start at the house.

I 'beat' my anxiety problem by taking note of what made me uncomfortable and then actively working to make myself more comfortable in that area. Like um, I had seen almost no movies and I noticed people in groups would usually start talking about movies or start quoting lines from a film or TV shows... and I couldn't join in because I hadn't seen those films and shows so I would just stand around all awkward looking like a fool.

So I started watching movies. All of them. My favorite genre is probably Sci-Fi, but I watched musicals, romantic comedies, thrillers, horror, etc... so the next time people started talking about movies, I could join in.

Same with TV shows. I binge watched every episode of Parks and Rec just because people on the internet kept talking about it and I wanted to join in on those conversations. Same with Breaking Bad. (they're both really good shows by the way). I watched things I wasn't sure I would like... turns out I have this strange love for any documentary about gangs (like Bloods and Crips gangs) and people selling large amounts of drugs. I don't know why... but apparently the "inner me" is a drug dealing gang kingpin.

I started reading more books. I like physics... like, for fun. How the world and the universe works is fascinating to me, so I read lots and lots of books on the subject so I could be knowledgeable about my hobbies. So if you're into history, be into history. Read about it, learn things that most people wouldn't know, from books that most people wouldn't read so you have things to share with others.

This goes for anything though. If you like games, that's cool... like games, but like them like an adult. Be knowledgeable about the games. Know what company made them, notice the lighting effects, take note of the guy in charge and compare his new game to his previous work. Learn about how games are made so you can appreciate the small things. Kids like the guns and explosions... adults like that too, but they also like the story references to moments in history or other literary works. They like the technology and skill required to have dynamic lighting effects or whatever (I don't know much about games)... the point is, if you really know a lot about the things you enjoy, you won't have to think of something to say, you'll just have something to say.

I was in my late 20s before I realized I had an anxiety problem. It was shocked when I found out I didn't even know what my favorite color was... let alone my favorite movie, actor, song, band, album, etc... of course I couldn't talk to people... I didn't even know who I was, so how was I going to let other people know?

I had to step back and just really get to know myself. But that also meant facing the things I didn't like about myself. Some are fixable. I felt ugly when I looked in the mirror. I had bad teeth and a big nose. I was scrawny and pale. The nose I can't fix... but I did get braces (which sucks as an adult) and I started going to the gym. Because I worked out, I looked better... so I went outside more. Now I got some muscle and a tan... and eventually my teeth were nice.

I got rid of my old clothes and bought new, nice clothes. $60 shirts from name brand stores. I had to buy them one at a time after saving for a few weeks, but after a few months, I had a nice, small, collection of good clothes to wear. I image searched celebrities and things like "Cute guys" to find hair styles and got a haircut.

Now I don't feel so ugly... so I'm more confident in public. I look better, I hold myself better, I smile more, etc... when I do talk to people, I know who I am... what I like, what I don't like, and I'm knowledgeable about both things so I'm confident in my opinion and have a lot to say about the subjects when they come up.

I just slowly found that over time, my problem fixed itself... but only after I fixed myself. If I denied that I was unhappy with the way I looked, I would have never changed it. If I had denied that I was unhappy with my sex life, I wouldn't have worked so hard to improve it. I had to face the fact that I was a pussy, who didn't know shit about anything, that looked like crap. After a week of crushing self-inflicted depression, I started fixing my problems.

I use to only cut the grass when my neighborhood forced me too, now I look forward to having a nice yard... a clean home... windows open, sunlight in the living room... an ipod full of albums and songs I like playing quietly while I read a book or work on a project. I got a dog to be my best friend... we go places... we go to the park or to get ice cream. I trained my dog to be cool so everybody likes him. Life is good.

But first, you got to know you. You got to be proud and happy to be you.

To answer your question more specifically, I find the dog park is a great place to talk to people. The dogs are running around doing their thing and the human owners are just standing around awkardly with nothing to do. Usually when two dogs start playing, the two owners will engage in small talk. "Is that your dog", "how old is he?" "Sure is nice out here" "What do you do for a living?" that sort of thing. If you go regularly, you'll eventually get to know some of these people.

I would suggest joining a group of some sort. Like um... I hate cross fit but that's a good example. You go to a class the same time every week with the same people. So a running group or a church group or a gaming group, whatever. If you like sports, going to a sports bar to watch the weekly game is good too. You already have something in common with the other people there... you both like the same team. Just know about the team so you can talk about players, stats, strategy, etc... In my area, there is a group for guys with beards. All you got to do is have a beard and bam! Instant friends.

Also, if you can play an instrument, a band is a fantastic way to meet people. I met tons of people by playing in a band... there is a local scene, you just have to find it. Once you do though, you're instantly friends with all of the other people in the local scene. If you can't play, just go to lots of shows.

I guess the same could be said for anything... start making art and go to local art shows. Start dancing or writing poetry... hell, even Kariokie probably has a scene. Find something you like, and jump into it hardcore and don't look back.

Ban the Flag!! submitted by 33degree to pics

RamboCommando 1 points 21 points (+22|-1) ago

I want every rainbow taken off Television immediatly.

Rainbow Brite, gone.

SpongeBob and his imagination.. banned.

Reading Rainbow... rot in hell you piece of shit.

3 lowest rated comments:

If only... submitted by Xystus to fatpeoplehate

RamboCommando 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

Lets be honest though, unless you go to a smaller 'mom and pop' style gym... no gym gives a shit about people getting in shape.

Everybody wants to act like PF is doing something other gyms aren't... but PF lets you quit whenever you want and one of the biggest complaints about PF is how crowded it is. How does that make PF the worst gym? It's crowded because people are actually using their cheap membership... isn't that a good thing?

Isn't the gym that locks fatties into a year long contract at a super high rate and then spends most of it's time empty because none of them actually use their membership the worse gym?

Certain gyms only hure fat fucks, it seems. submitted by ObeseObituary to fatpeoplehate

RamboCommando 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

Planet Fitness is no different from any other chain gym on the planet... this is reddit circle jerk shit.

All chain gyms have the business plan of "get people to sign up for a monthly service they won't use".