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Talcum X at it again!, submitted: 8/12/2020 1:31:30 AM, 273 points (+274|-1)

Fucking racist chinks, submitted: 7/23/2020 5:17:39 PM, 237 points (+240|-3)

Are you sure?, submitted: 7/17/2020 6:49:09 PM, 230 points (+239|-9)

I'm sure the founding fathers would be proud., submitted: 7/9/2020 5:28:03 PM, 137 points (+146|-9)

Leaked actual final moments before Floyd da groid's death, submitted: 7/10/2020 12:53:13 PM, 110 points (+128|-18)

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Get fucked libtards!, submitted: 8/14/2020 5:19:56 PM, -13 points (+2|-15)

The christcuck reveals his final form, submitted: 8/15/2020 4:30:51 AM, -5 points (+6|-11)

Welp, time to gas myself, submitted: 7/13/2020 4:28:55 PM, -3 points (+2|-5)

The average Qtard. Fat, mutt, boomer., submitted: 7/25/2020 1:03:01 AM, -1 points (+13|-14)

Niggers N Fagz 4 Trump 2020! We can go back to the 50s if we elect zion don again!, submitted: 7/25/2020 7:55:21 PM, 0 points (+6|-6)

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/pol/'s Razor submitted by Zanbato to whatever

Ralemlol 0 points 77 points (+77|-0) ago

Anyone who has done any extensive research whatsoever into the “holocaust” knows it’s was a hoax. They really never expected the internet to be a thing.

Nice Shoes, Tut! submitted by icuntstopswearing to funny

Ralemlol 1 points 64 points (+65|-1) ago

Reminder that king tut was unironically white proven by the most based field in existence, genetics. Reminder that aryan diffusion happened and all ancient civs did not randomly pop up at the same time.

You Can Tell They're Getting Nervous submitted by blumen4alles to whatever

Ralemlol 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago

Signed: Zuckerberg, jew. CEO Facebook. What a fucking joke.

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Here we go goats....forced compliance and false imprisonment for positive COVID-19 results. submitted by AR47 to news

Ralemlol 13 points -13 points (+0|-13) ago

Spread the virus to grandpa to own the libs.

The perennial problem submitted by icuntstopswearing to whatever

Ralemlol 13 points -11 points (+2|-13) ago

The guy on the right is a kike though.

Ohio county establishes hotline for people to snitch on anyone not wearing a face mask and People who don't wear a mask face up to 90 days in jail and a $750 fine submitted by RockmanRaiden to news

Ralemlol 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

This is good. Only boomer retards think the virus is fake and think they are cool for not wearing masks. Maybe if we didn’t have niggers, boomers and mexicans refusing to wear masks our numbers would follow rates like japan or korea where they don’t complain about MUH FREEDOMS during a pandemic. Fucking Qtards.