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Instant mashed potatoes should be called Imitaters, submitted: 11/14/2016 12:23:25 AM, 101 points (+105|-4)

Member when LEGO sets weren't 50% specialized pieces?, submitted: 1/2/2017 12:05:35 AM, 76 points (+77|-1)

TIL Alternative Facts Is a Legal Term, submitted: 1/25/2017 5:48:42 PM, 57 points (+57|-0)

Don't erase a post when it has to re-check your bits before submitting, submitted: 9/30/2015 2:37:43 PM, 47 points (+47|-0)

"Right wing" and "Left wing" politics imply that together they might fly. Instead, they're just two different shitty on winged creatures. , submitted: 4/12/2016 6:13:31 AM, 22 points (+26|-4)

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It's whatever, I guess., submitted: 11/20/2015 7:09:42 AM, -3 points (+3|-6)

What Do 'Natural' and 'Artificial' Flavors Really Mean?, submitted: 6/28/2018 7:05:54 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Unreal Engine 4.20 - TLDR Release Notes Highlights [Mathew Wadstein], submitted: 7/22/2018 7:51:22 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Do Trigger Warnings Really Help? - SciShow Psych, submitted: 8/23/2018 9:12:49 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

The 2005 movie was shit, submitted: 9/30/2015 3:55:31 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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If all the fat people in the world died what would happen to this sub? submitted by Rakosman to fatpeoplehate

Rakosman 1 points 71 points (+72|-1) ago

Wouldn't they all be dead?

Looks like one of you shitlords is about to get dumped submitted by tardersauced to fatpeoplehate

Rakosman 1 points 64 points (+65|-1) ago

This is exactly why people need to start considering obesity as a true addiction. If you start looking at them like you do heroin addicts then you'll realize they aren't worth your feelings. They choose to engage in dangerous body-destroying activities and expect everyone else to pay for their medical care.

Eric, it sounds like you need to have a serious conversation with her instead of brushing off as some whimsical pass-time.

Eric's GF, should you happen to read,

My mom is condishunsfat and I obviously love her, but I despise and resent that she let herself become fat, that she will die early because of it, that her husband is a golem, and that my little brother will probably become a ham licker. I have to encourage her to eat better and exercise more and ask her about it every time I talk to her.

It's more about hating the epidemic of obesity in America that it is about hating individuals. Hating individuals come when they start spreading their bullshit propaganda and downright incorrect "facts" in attempts to justify their horrifying lifestyles. Obeastity really does effect everyone especially in regards to healthcare, given that it is directly linked to the top causes of death in the United States. The overweight rate in America is literally over two thirds, with half of that being people who are obese and that's not okay. And those fat people that have families end up abusing their children and creating life long habits of destructive hedonistic sloth in them. Everyone has friends or family that are fat, it's just statistics.

Generally the individual people that the hate is directed towards are the people who adamantly insist that it's their right to be fat, that it doesn't hurt anyone, that it's offensive if people don't find them attractive, that verbally attack people just for being thin, and that spread their disease to anyone they can. Those people are no different than drug lords, mobsters, dictators, and fascist rulers. They harm people directly (by parenting) and indirectly (by preaching and costing money) with their words and actions.

Spend some time here and you'll understand why this sub exists, and you'll become a fpher too

The first wave of Reddit's new celebrity promotion strategy (/r/defaultmods leak) submitted by go1dfish to MeanwhileOnReddit

Rakosman 0 points 61 points (+61|-0) ago

All I was thinking as I was reading was "This is why I'm at Voat. Because I want my shit to matter and have a chance." It was already hard to "get noticed" before because there was so much circle jerking. Although it does get a little lonely here sometimes.

3 lowest rated comments:

Edward Snowden says Hillary Clinton 'ridiculous' to think emails were secure submitted by FreeSpeachRocks to news

Rakosman 17 points -12 points (+5|-17) ago

Is anyone else tired of hearing Snowden's opinions? This is not news. Just because he leaked documents doesn't automatically make him an expert on everything. But I guess you don't need to be an expert to state common sense.

Feelin' salty today

I Just Want A Wall Before I Die submitted by Derpfroot to 4chan

Rakosman 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago

I have bipolar. It's not trivial - some people really do need the help. For most people it's a huge multi-year process to get SSI because you have to prove you actually need it. I gave up on ever getting it, but I still scrape by without it. I don't know her specific situation, but someone receiving something they need shouldn't be used to contrast someone not receiving something they need.

The tragedy is given context enough by the fact that he clearly needs it and still has to bend the knee to bureaucracy.

7 Months later, Valve's Steam Machines look dead in the water submitted by SkepticalMartian to gaming

Rakosman 8 points -6 points (+2|-8) ago

I like Windows 10, and I recommend it to everyone. It's just objectively better than Windows 7, regardless of what you might think about Microsoft's delivery methods, or about security or whatever.

Windows 7 is fucking seven years old. Having holdouts on old technology damages innovation and opens up it's own set of security problems such as diverting teams from addressing security in Wind10. It is crazy to me that they're still supporting Windows XP at all.

I will grant, though, that Win10 feels unfinished. When I use a release built (I'm on the fast-ring) it amazes me how much is missing and Microsoft should extend the free upgrade period another year. I'm hoping they'll release a god damn service pack now that it's coming up on a year. It took Windows 7 less than that to get SP1.

EDIT: ah, sweet sweet controvery. Good discussions, though, guys. I'd be banned from Reddit for far less.