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What's your go to insult that doesn't have a swear/curse word in it? , submitted: 7/21/2015 10:52:11 PM, 32 points (+32|-0)

Why does Google acknowledge fines from various Countries?, submitted: 8/31/2015 10:47:50 PM, 14 points (+14|-0)

Community Gaming Night (Let's Play 31st October 2015 'Halloween Special) - Hidden Source (Input welcome!), submitted: 10/16/2015 4:19:26 PM, 14 points (+14|-0)

Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.5 PTU Available! [RSI Official], submitted: 7/19/2015 1:30:08 AM, 11 points (+11|-0)

Star Marine Status Update (Week of July 12th), submitted: 7/18/2015 4:51:54 AM, 10 points (+10|-0)

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[Cross Post from /v/funny] Finger Taylor Swift, submitted: 7/13/2015 1:31:21 AM, -1 points (+2|-3)

[Cross Post from /v/news] Groping women force barmen to give up kilts, submitted: 7/13/2015 5:57:51 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

SteamPool - Earn Money from your Graphics Card Idle Time!, submitted: 2/27/2016 6:40:23 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

SteamPool Estimated Earnings / GPU, submitted: 3/2/2016 1:21:01 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

New site front (Quotes, affiliates and information!) [Affiliate pages in progress], submitted: 3/5/2016 2:34:16 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Is Street Fighter V too sexy for its own good? - The West (SJW´s and feminists) Vs Japan submitted by Caleb_The_Chosen to gaming

R0ot 0 points 32 points (+32|-0) ago

No, it's a game. They are pixels.

Folks just need to either
a) play the game and criticize it for its game play or
b) not play the game and leave others to their enjoyment, or not, of it.

Nintendo Hates You: Massive Takedowns Of YouTube Videos Featuring Mario Bros. Fan-Created Levels submitted by asmodea to gaming

R0ot 2 points 29 points (+31|-2) ago

Disney is about to file a cease and desist on your comment.

Donald Trumps Words Havent Killed Anyone. Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons Actions Have. submitted by LagDragon to politics

R0ot 2 points 26 points (+28|-2) ago

Is this a Republican Vs. Democrat debate or is it a presidential nominee (nominee to be) debate?

If it's Republican Vs. Democrat then why are you only including the current administration and only one side of the Republican nominee-to-bes? Why is Bush not in there (both of them) and why not other presidents? If it's a presidential nominee debate why is Obama in there? Why aren't the other presidential nominee-to-bes in there?

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Why isn't there more variance in game pricing? submitted by DrLix to gaming

R0ot 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

What you'll find however is the only companies that can survive, if they do, are the larger publishers or partners as the small ones games only make it to Sale after they've let go staff, dissolved teams and turned to producing FTP games with in game purchases instead. I'm not saying stop splurging on sales but I'm saying don't treat every game like that. If you like the look of a new game, and you like the details you see in reviews buy it after release and don't wait for the sale price.

Mad Max Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: Gamescom 2015 submitted by Noctias to gaming

R0ot 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Really like the look of this, a GTA / Borderlands / FarCry feel.

What are movies that would make a great video game if done right? submitted by spike11117 to gaming

R0ot 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I'm going to go out on a limb and say you haven't actually heard of Star Citizen. If that is indeed the case it's in Alpha right now. You currently have access to the Hangar and Arena Commander modules (AC is a dogfighting simulator) with the FPS module and Social module due for release in the next couple of months.

Have a look anyway over here. Also you can see what they have currently got working from their Gamescon presentation here.

If you'd like to try the AC module for free you can right now until August 24th (although they keep extending it). Code: gamescom2015

If you want to see what the game is like in AC and some of the current ongoing discussions about it also there is never a shortage of streamers -