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The mods decided to go private the same day we found seth rich's reddit account. Right. No fuckery afoot here. submitted by Motherofgains to TheDonald

Puttitout_Lies 9 points 14 points (+23|-9) ago

AND right when Voat decides to claim it's going broke, someone drops 10k in bitcoin into their wallet, they cut half the services out of Voat, shill mods take one t_d reddifugees sub... yeah no fuckery here...

Account Deleted By User submitted by WorldWarZ to whatever

Puttitout_Lies 11 points 4 points (+15|-11) ago

Voat is a honeypot for reddit dissidents; gab is a honeypot for twitter dissidents. Divide people with social networks like they divide with politics.

Attention T_D Refugees: Do NOT post imgur links submitted by repoman to TheDonald

Puttitout_Lies 7 points 1 points (+8|-7) ago

- imgur openly censors.

Fuck imgur. Of course, Voat gives you self-censorship tools, openly censors users who speak up against the SJW cabal that has taken over voat, has weaponized -ccp and -scp restrictions with massive admin-supported downvoat brigades and silencing of users speaking up, openly manipulates users' CCP, bans users without reason without warning without appeal with rules that are secret, judges that are secret, in a secret court, and @puttitout openly lies to your face. at once, he promised those ban rules would be forthcoming. that was 4 months ago. since, no ban rules have come about. no discussion about it had, and more bans of users have gone down. (including the banning of a few accounts for "vote manipulation" which had never voted not even once.)

criminals run voat. criminal shills. the same ones that took over reddit.

they have instituted massive behavioral controls and censorship megalist here

here's a list of confirmed shills linking to a massive dump of evidence megalist and links to dumps here

hell, a tranny autistic SJW was the biggest coder of voat this past year idiot publicly linking to irl info here and check to see fuzzywords is the main coder for the year that voat was taken over and cucked into reddit-levels of subversive censorship.

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American Airlines sued for seating man next to grossly obese passengers on 14-hour flight submitted by CANCEL-CAT-FACTS to news

Puttitout_Lies 54 points -48 points (+6|-54) ago

Not as bad as you getting your news from an open kike @cancel-cat-facts He's a manipulative shill kike. He ADMITS being a kike!

Remove all the shills from Voat now! Remove @Puttitout @Fuzzywords @Disappointed @Failure @Kevdude and the 100 others! DDoS Blackmail Ransom submitted by PuttItOut to announcements

Puttitout_Lies 37 points -36 points (+1|-37) ago

What side of this war are you on, kitties? Free speech or are you on the side of @Puttitout behavioral restrictions censorship tools lies? Decide for yourself:

Bill Nye reaches Peak Degeneracy on his childrens show submitted by 9-11 to science

Puttitout_Lies 37 points -32 points (+5|-37) ago

@cancel-cat-facts is a known SJW shill. That's about as stupid as one could get.

Friendly reminder: @empress is a confirmed voat manipulating reddit cancer militant SJW. check v/magicmemes deletion record. Bans users for regular comments, and deletes regular non-spam comments. the abuser @empress is only following it's SJW orders to attack SGIS-like users due to them being afraid of people knowing the truth that voat is now a Conde-Nast/Gov't honeypot to test tactics on dissidents from the right.

remember: downvoat @empress at all points, and ignore; there is no point in talking meaningfully with this dirty SJW shill.