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Kevin Sorbo on Twitter "America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants." submitted by obvoiusly to politics

PsyOp 1 points 55 points (+56|-1) ago

150% agree with this! How the fuck did Barack Obama become a multimillionaire as a community organizer? Moreover, how did a community organizer, with a mediocre IQ, become president of the United States...and then get reelected for a second term? I guess all the (hundreds of millions) of "right-wing" christians must have been comatose for 8 solid years...? But then they suddenly snapped out of it and came out in force to vote for Donald Trumpstein...? You're being played, people...the elections are rigged (I say this because some of you numbskulls actually believe that you'll be able to set things right through non-violent political action, like couldn't be more wrong).

Multiculturalism is like putting all zoo animals in the same enclosure and expecting them to get along. submitted by Normal_person to politics

PsyOp 0 points 36 points (+36|-0) ago

Multiculturalism is a code word for anti-white.

Account Deleted By User submitted by staunchly to politics

PsyOp 1 points 30 points (+31|-1) ago

OMFG!! That was one of the most repulsive things I've ever witnessed! Let's take a quick look at something...

NBC (owned by Comcast: Chairman & CEO, Brian L. Roberts is Jewish)...

  • Robert Greenblatt, Chairman NBC Entertainment, is Jewish.

  • Bonnie Hammer, Chairman NBC Universal Cable Entertainment Group, is Jewish.

  • Mark Hoffman, Chairman CNBC, is a Jew.

  • Andrew Lack, Chairman NBC News and MSNBC, is a Jew.

  • Mark Lazarus, Chairman NBC Broadcasting and sports, is Jewish.

  • Ron Meyer, Vice Chairman NBC Universal, is Jewish.

  • Adam Miller, Executive Vice President, NBC Universal, is a Jew.

  • Jeff Shell, Chairman Universal Film Entertainment Group, is Jewish.

  • James Lichtman, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, NBC Universal, is a Jew.

  • Jon Litner, Group President NBC Sports Group, is Jewish.

  • Jennifer Salke, President NBC Entertainment, is Jewish.

  • Cara Stein, Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer, NBC Universal, is Jewish.

  • Jeff Wachtel, Chief Content Officer, NBC Universal, is a Jew.

  • Alan Wurtzel, President, Research and Media Development, NBC Universal, is a Jew.

It's not a faceless NBC who is pushing this degenerate filth, it's the Jews who are pushing it. The Jews invented Cultural Marxism...and dominate the leadership of the LGBT movement.

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Trump: "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" submitted by NeedleStack to politics

PsyOp 21 points -16 points (+5|-21) ago

Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton were frequent flyers aboard Jeffrey Epstein's "Lolita Express". Epstein, as you may recall, is the convicted Billionaire pedophile...and both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were guests at Epstein's sex-slave island estate in St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands. Maybe Comey knew that Trump is a pedophile.

WHY IS THE MEDIA IGNORING THE GENOCIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA? submitted by sand_mann to politics

PsyOp 20 points -15 points (+5|-20) ago

I was going to say something along those lines, too. If I'm not mistaken, the OP is one of those Trumpstein-fan boys...they have to constantly deny Trumpstein's intimate involvement with the Jews so that they can keep supporting (((their guy))) in the white house. Here's a good article on the 'Coudenhove-Kalergi plan'... which is being implemented in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. The moment that Trumpstein starts WW3 that will be the moment I start hunting the Trumpstein-fan boys...motherfuckers will pay for their obstinance!