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deleted by user submitted by The20th to pizzagate

Psalm100 0 points 36 points (+36|-0) ago

Brace yourself. John Podesta worked at this farm during his law school days (it was perhaps not a national park then), and his work did include helping to slaughter pigs:

Talk of pig roasting and slaughter kept popping up during dinner and was the last tale Podesta told before the guests left. To earn money while attending law school at Georgetown, he spent two years working at Turkey Run Farm in McLean, now called the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, an 18th-century re-creation.

He dressed in britches, a blousy linen shirt, floppy hat and homemade shoes and learned how to butcher and roast a pig.

Standing in the kitchen and acting out his role, Podesta explained: “It’s best to do the butchering at 4 a.m., “because pigs should be slaughtered when it is cool, and it takes a long time to roast them. The pig is hauled on a front-end loader in order to split and gut it. It’s most important to slow the pig down by shooting it between the eyes so you can cut its throat. It makes the pig less ornery and a whole lot more cooperative than if you just stick a knife in its throat.”

In homage to these skills, Podesta used to have a picture of a pig on a spit as his screen saver, but his staffers made him get rid of it, because he said: “They couldn’t stand looking into the pig’s eyes during meetings.”

John Podesta is getting worried. Wants 'policing' of 'fake news'. submitted by GumShoe to pizzagate

Psalm100 1 points 28 points (+29|-1) ago

So John Podesta wants to destroy the Constitution while protecting pedophiles.

Strange coincidences between @jimmycomet @pizzafuckingparty and @werkingonmahnightcheese submitted by fact-checking-pg to pizzagate

Psalm100 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago

There are even more of these posts among that circle. I posted a couple of threads on Instagram "friends" of Ms Summer Camp about a month ago. Check out these, with archived Instagram posts from pizzaf-----party and other Instagram accounts and some background on "Ms Summer Camp" and others. There is a definite pedophilic focus in these posts. and

The text of one thread:

The other day I posted an thread, "The NY Times once wrote an article on Jimmycomet/Alefantis associate "Miss Summer Camp" AND some more troubling Instagram posts from people associated with Summer Camp," who is apparently a friend and associate of James Alefantis.

I mentioned that the NY Times published an article on Ms Summer Camp, real name Shea Van Horn, in 2010, profiling him for his work as a deejay and a female impersonator. Something notable from that story is that he used to work with entertainer and gay activist Dan Savage.

This is a photo of Ms Summer Camp appearing around Halloween 2015 as "Miss Planned Parenthood" at an annual drag event called the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant, which is said to draw influential D.C. residents: . Besides wearing an evening gown and tiara, "MSC" also has on a mask of a crying baby's face and has fake blood on himself. Most disturbing of all, he carries a plastic see-through purse containing what is supposed to look like a bloodied, late-term aborted baby.

MSC, photographed apparently on the same night in the same costume on the floor of Comet Ping Pong. Jimmycoment - Alefantis - comments "sex."

An Instagram photo from Ms Summer Camp showing a credit card ad with a young boy happily eating watermelon. The ad's text says, "Tasting summer in a bite: Priceless." MSC comments, "Saw this while I was in Greece. "Priceless" isn't the word most people use upon tasting me. #Greece." Another commenter on the photo (berett_sea) writes: "I think it's an error in translation? Should have been "you shouldn't have to pay to taste something like this."

Berett_sea has also been a figure in Washington D.C. gay nightclubs, as well as working for the federal government.

From berett_sea Instagram account:

Photo from what looks like miniature golf, with a sign that gives a price for 10 holes and says no children under six. berett_sea uses a number of hashtags, including #nokids.

Photo of a crib with garbage in it, including one small liquor bottle, with the comment, "Wow, that's one drunk baby."

Photo of a McDonalds baby changing station, with the C in "changing" obscured, so that the sign says "Baby hanging station."

be_rettsea Let's hang a baby! #mcdonaldscares #peebreak #latergram

chris1024 That's terribly amazing!

timmysdown Best thing I've ever seen

Photo of an old school building, "Male Grammar School No. 1."

be_rettsea Get your menz smart. #number1

Photo of a text message conversation. One person says, "I put my baby in a slow cooker. It's been burning all day." Another replies, "Pulled baby sandwich. It's so tender and juicy."

be_rettsea #letsburnababy

Another photo of a text message conversation. "Perf. Have some whiskey n vodka. Wanna pick up some ginger on the way?...Or a ginger ale for the liquor would be good too.."

gwretch Is it funny coz it means redhead? PS: honey badger!

be_rettsea Yes, @gwretch

From JaxKnifeComplex, who comments on various photos from this group.

Jax and another female impersonator stand with a toddler, who appears dazed or unhappy. Jax holds the child in one arm and a rifle with the other.

Then there is an Instagram user going by the name Mf_dirt (who comments on JKC's photo). Some photos from "Mfd's" account:

Photo of a text message conversation in which one person says, "Ok if my rents come too? Maybe 5ish." Another answers, "Of cheeses...Bwahahahaha! Of course! Why is cheeses the first choice?!"

mf_dirt Do you find this funny? Of cheeses you do!

Photo of a little girl who appears asleep. She's lying on her back with her arms somewhat spread out, and a cat appears asleep on top of her.

mf_dirt This lil kitten doesn't give a shit. The cat too.

Then there is a user called "timmysdown":

timmysdown Caught this nude lil gremlin eating fistfuls of blue cheese dip 😍

meglesswonder Gimme that baby!!!

new_instantphoto_name____ AGGGHHH!!!! 😱😱😱

new_instantphoto_name____ Wanna use this for an album cover can u get him to sign a release?

tellmeeverything Bahahaaaa @rosen43

(Just to be clear, it's possible that this is @rosen43's child. @rosen43 and his wife/significant other @camerrush appear to be "artist types" who take nude pictures of their children and post them online. I saw several with at least one from each of them.)

Photo of "Ross" from the t.v. show "Friends," holding a boy, with a caption in the photo saying, "Hillary Clinton wants an all-homosexual army."


Interest in JonBenet Ramsey:

Another Instagram user who commented on the "10 holes" post by berett_sea goes by the name "PizzaF------Party." He does use the actual profanity. I'm referring to this account name as "PFP."

PFP takes a photo of himself next to a "Baby Doll Pizza" truck (it's a pizzeria located in Portland, OR, and it very likely isn't connected to Pizzagate except that PFP liked the name and took a picture in front of one of the restaurant's trucks).

PFP comment: "Pizza party every day no regrets party hardy pizza sacrifice slice and dice party USA."

Photo of children on the floor picking up condoms and little liquor bottles.

pfp: "That piñata was filled with condoms and alcohol. ??"

Photo of what looks like a large family gathering.

pfp: "Child strangulation to wrap up family dinner."

Then there's an account called "thefactory":

This image is of a t-shirt with a cat on it, which is hanging off a tree limb. The caption reads, "Hang in there, Baby."

Thefactory comments, "Feelings best expressed..."

Another one from thefactory, with a short video, which shows a man opening a pizza box. Inside are photo-shopped male buttocks, and timmysdown comments, "I'll have mine with lots of cheese." (only a still image, not the video)

A user called "" comments on this image from thefactory:


There is a photo of a woman wearing an outfit with pizza images.

ghettoisto "pizza goes straight to your ass" "@ghettoisto I knew there was a perfect pizza pun for this that I was missing."

And this is a photo of shaking hands with Joe Biden:

Andrewbrischler is another associated account. He has an artist's studio, and in one picture he is holding a very young boy who seems to be crying, while Andrewbrischler is smiling (it is of course entirely possible the child is his nephew but some things about the photo and comments are still troubling:

andrewbrischler Uncle Andrew had a very special studio visitor yesterday.

...(9 other comments by various people)

timmysdown Baby momo?

andrewbrischler @timmysdown myaaaaah

The same boy, holding "Helter Skelter":

Then there are photos from two different accounts of two similar birthday cakes which have on top the heads of boys, and which are "bloodied" to represent birth:

First, one to Shea Van Horn/Mssummercamp:

Then there is one on the account of "metalhair." (who is associated with this circle through "timmysdown" . This cake photo is far more graphic than the other, including more blood, and anatomical features of a woman giving birth, as well as depicting her anus and feces:

3 lowest rated comments:

Kanye West has been red pilled. Meets The Donald at trump tower. WTF is going on right now? submitted by beyondthecacti to pizzagate

Psalm100 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Meeting with Donald Trump will certainly make him no friends on the left and in Hollywood. Did he ever endorse Clinton? I remember the photo of him and his wife and Clinton. He didn't seem all that thrilled. Kim was very much #withher but Kanye hasn't seemed to be all that much.

Speculation on how Jimmy Savile and Jerry Sandusky were able to get away with their crimes submitted by Psalm100 to pizzagate

Psalm100 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I'm no youngster myself. I remember watching Fat Albert. I just thought from your comment that there was an actual Jello pudding commercial of what you described. It would hardly surprise me. Many of those old commercials are on YouTube so I thought you might have a particular one in mind. On a program where Cosby interacted with children, I only remember the commercials. I know on Fat Albert he would actually appear in the part of the show. He also did some records and possibly children were involved with those. Just looking at Wikipedia, though, I see he was on the Electric Company for awhile.

And this is interesting. He gave his record company the name "Tetragrammaton," which represents YHWH, God's Name that the Hebrews were forbidden to say:

"Tetragrammaton Records was a division of the Campbell, Silver, Cosby (CSC) Corporation, the Los Angeles-based production company founded by Cosby, his manager Roy Silver, and filmmaker Bruce Post Campbell. It produced films as well as records, including Cosby's television specials, the Fat Albert cartoon special and series and several motion pictures..."

"Tetragrammaton Records was an American record label founded in the late 1960s by entertainment manager Roy Silver, Bruce Post Campbell, Marvin Deane, and comedian Bill Cosby (whose manager was Roy Silver). The term "Tetragrammaton" refers to the unspeakable Hebrew name of God."

Video of Alex Jones saying he is being sued over Pizzagate, and received a letter from James Alefantis! Video also with expose of Pizzagate in general. submitted by SoldierofYAH2 to pizzagate

Psalm100 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

It's like fingernails across a chalkboard every time he says that. A pool is a pool, and a pool doesn't have the sexual connotations that a hot tub does. That whole email about the Luzzatto children is strange, troubling, and disturbing when accurately described, which includes no mention of any hot tub.