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Man released after spending 1/3 of his life in prison for Marijuana., submitted: 9/3/2015 3:58:16 AM, 142 points (+143|-1)

The Government's Insane War On Tiny Homes and Humanity, submitted: 5/24/2016 1:48:14 AM, 76 points (+80|-4)

Amazing Printed Solar Panels Could Provide Power To 1.3 Billion People, submitted: 9/3/2015 3:49:54 AM, 19 points (+20|-1)

Have you ever found a website so useful that you downloaded it just in case? If so, what website?, submitted: 8/14/2015 7:26:49 PM, 14 points (+16|-2)

Can anyone recommend any good books on machine learning and neural networks?, submitted: 3/27/2016 9:26:23 PM, 13 points (+13|-0)

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Why does the U.S. require a license to drive cars?, submitted: 1/17/2016 1:56:35 PM, -2 points (+1|-3)

At this point, do you think the free windows 10 update offer will still end in July?, submitted: 3/24/2016 2:52:33 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

The new iPhone 6s comes with the revolutionary coin toss simulator. Can your Blackberry do that?, submitted: 10/26/2015 1:25:52 PM, 1 points (+4|-3)

What should we have as the Voat equivalent of "The narwhal bacons at midnight"?, submitted: 6/23/2015 12:46:32 AM, 1 points (+3|-2)

Department of Homeland Security Brochure on Elicitation, submitted: 6/25/2016 7:54:53 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Woman who falsely claimed she had been raped to explain poor exam results after didn't get in to uni, and wasted hundreds of police hours, has been jailed for two years. submitted by skymod to news

PolishPandaBear 0 points 57 points (+57|-0) ago

He said resources were diverted from 'genuine crimes where genuine victims were anxiously and fearfully waiting for their assailants to be brought to book', adding: 'That is not only appalling, it is positively cruel.'

It's disappointing that her case was largely viewed as waste of police resources and not a false rape accusation.

'Free and Open Discussion' on Reddit submitted by Capitol18 to MeanwhileOnReddit

PolishPandaBear 0 points 56 points (+56|-0) ago

Reddit is not longer suited for discussions. It is not an open community. Give it a year and it will only be used for porn and pictures of cats.

13 yo Boy Kissed 14 yo Girl on a Dare. Police Charged Him With Second-Degree Assault submitted by TerriChris to news

PolishPandaBear 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago

No one was injured during the incident

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What were you doing on 9/11/2001 ? submitted by plankO to AskVoat

PolishPandaBear 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago


Father & Son Share the View submitted by TheRealDuchess to funny

PolishPandaBear 7 points -4 points (+3|-7) ago

What view? That girl has so little ass her pelvis is showing through. Two chicken drumsticks in a swimsuit would look better than that.

Enough! Entire Entertainment Industry Says No More to Social Justice Warriors submitted by puffellen69 to news

PolishPandaBear 6 points -3 points (+3|-6) ago

Eli Roth == Entire entertainment industry.