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Violent Leftists Destroy Donald Trump's Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Again (VIDEO) submitted by Scrooblemeyer to news

Opposed-Forces 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago

Funny thing is, is that it appears Donald Trumps star is right next to child raper Kevin Spacey's star, yet Spacey's star remain unmolested.... A perfect example of the disjointed mentality of Kalifornians....

If Russia and the USA were allies, the 2 countries with the largest white populations in the world, would be a threat to the cabal. submitted by Opposed-Forces to White

Opposed-Forces 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

Great reply and perspective. Thanks for the links!

This is India. The dead are dumped in the Ganges River, only to be eaten by dogs as the living bathe nearby. submitted by Slayfire122 to WTF

Opposed-Forces 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

I've been to China , and while it is not quite this bad, the air, or what is supposed to qualify as "air" in Shanghai is ghastly. Within 5 minutes of walking out of my hotel, and on to the street, my face was covered in an oily film and I had a migraine that required pretty heavy dozes of aspirin to keep at bay. On one visit, I went to a quaint little tea shop on the outskirts of town to buy some green tea. I walked in with my nearly empty cup of tea, and asked the lady behind the counter if she would dispose of my empty cup for me. She promptly grabbed the cup out of my hand, walked out onto the street and threw it in the gutter and walked back in like she just did me a favor. I spent 10 days there on my last trip and felt ill pretty much to entire time I was there... I never once saw a bird, cat or dog nor did I ever see an insect. The air pollution is so bad, that not even insects can tolerate it.

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When the truth comes out, do idiots like fat pig Michael Moore actually cry? - No Detectable Lead Poisoning in Flint After All submitted by Opposed-Forces to news

Opposed-Forces 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Because of how and by whom the conducted research was done. University of Cincinnati and the University of Michigan. The professors from both university’s are recognized experts in Toxicology and Environmental Health.

Thats why.... (said the "clueless" guy to the angry little douchebag)

Next question?

WATCH -- GRAPHIC WARNING: Male Feminist Roundhouse Kicks Pro-Life Woman In the Face, Knocks Her Out - True Pundit submitted by Doghouse2 to news

Opposed-Forces 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

im getting really sick of clicking on links that say "watch" then some bullshit headline, only to find that when I click on the bullshit article, there is nothing to "watch", only a pic to "see".

Newsfucking flash people...

The word "watch" implies video. I.E. I get to see some chick kicked in the face by an angry little libtard. It also helps me fuel my anger against all things liberal.

When the headline says "WATCH" in all caps, followed by 2 dashes, it implies that this is going to be good, particularly when the dashes are followed by the words "GRAPHIC WARNING" in all cap.. The "GRAPHIC WARNING" implies that I might get to see some teeth fly out of the poor girls face, or one of her fucking eyeballs pop out.... Something of substance.

Instead, I am greeted by a fucking pic. A lame ass fucking pic of some soy boy fag. Nothing "GRAPHIC" nothing I needed to be "WARNED" about..... in fact, nothing of fucking any substance at all.

This article is bullshit. The post is bullshit. and the propensity of you fucking keyboard warriors to post up complete shit, is fucking tiring.

PLEASE by everything that is right and holy, post up something with gruesome fucking details if you feel the need to "warn" me because their is "graphic" content . SHOW me the video, the aftermath, blood, guts, ALL OF IT, or leave the fucking dramatic bullshit headline out of the mix.......

In other words.... Quit being a fucking retard.

WATCH -- GRAPHIC WARNING: Male Feminist Roundhouse Kicks Pro-Life Woman In the Face, Knocks Her Out - True Pundit submitted by Doghouse2 to news

Opposed-Forces 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

How about instead of posting up nonsense articles that do not deliver on their fake news headlines, you actually use one of your 3 brain cells to qualify the shit you post up? That way you won't look like as much of a troll as you are?

The internet can be a tricky place to navigate, however, if you actually think.....just a little.... before you post, people will take you seriously.