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Fuck New York City, submitted: 9/24/2018 5:12:44 PM, 167 points (+169|-2)

How Dubstep Was Discovered , submitted: 6/11/2016 8:42:36 PM, 104 points (+110|-6)

Girl, you must be a cigarette , submitted: 6/27/2016 7:34:07 PM, 37 points (+38|-1)

A man walks into a tailor shop in Ancient Greece, submitted: 4/20/2016 4:23:39 AM, 15 points (+15|-0)

I herd u guize have bens, submitted: 12/2/2015 7:38:22 AM, 12 points (+14|-2)

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Fallout 4: Nuclear damage is more extensive than I thought, submitted: 11/18/2015 7:41:52 AM, 0 points (+4|-4)

Eric Andre at the RNC, submitted: 7/23/2016 9:10:32 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

Menual - Stay With Me, submitted: 4/7/2017 7:09:22 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

The ultimate trigger, submitted: 2/2/2017 1:53:04 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

music and squares, submitted: 8/30/2015 11:10:33 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

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4chan Message Board Sold to Founder of 2Channel, a Japanese Web Culture Pioneer submitted by 721r to technology

OneTrueCube 0 points 78 points (+78|-0) ago

I'm not sure how to feel about this.

For me, 4chan has always been a place of extremely consistent shit.

It was full of shit, all of the content was shit, and all of the users were shit.

But it was a place that you could definitely count on to be shit. Sometimes, I wanna look at shit.

I only hope that it remains as consistently shitty. Otherwise I would not know what to count on.

Are you fucking kidding me? submitted by skymod to tumblrinaction

OneTrueCube 0 points 47 points (+47|-0) ago

This industry which literally started LAST YEAR

Is COMPLETELY corrupted with the patriarchy virus ALREADY

Also aren't the majority of dispensary owners female? I heard that quoted somewhere but can't source it at the moment

Edit : Found a source but it's Newsweek and reads like an opinion article. Either way it does source the fact that there are a lot of women getting into the emerging marijuana industry.

If this post gains enough visibility, Amalek and a Hasidic Jew have agreed to publicly debate the Jewish Question here @10:30 EST submitted by SarMegahhikkitha to Conspiracy

OneTrueCube 1 points 44 points (+45|-1) ago





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Requesting v/offgridders - Only moderator just disappeared and now u/hecho is spamming it submitted by Longbottom_Leaf to subverserequest

OneTrueCube 10 points -6 points (+4|-10) ago

I just checked and there isn't a single link from that guy.

If you want the sub, just say so, you don't need to make stuff up

Why are jews hated? submitted by Techius to AskVoat

OneTrueCube 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

Nazi Gemany was very, very good at keeping that shit under wraps. Most of the Allied soldiers didn't even realize the scale or scope of what was going on until they were actually there, seeing shit for themselves. The Allies knew they were shipping people off by the thousands but didn't know where or what for.

Female Executive With Music Degree Oversees Largest Computer Hack In World History submitted by carnold03 to Women

OneTrueCube 7 points -3 points (+4|-7) ago

It's not uncommon to see music degrees here and there in other fields - there are a lot of useful skills you pick up learning music that can be quickly applied to other disciplines. People who rag on music students for taking an "easy" field usually don't realize how much work actually goes into a music comp degree.

That being said, if you're being put in charge of something, your experience and education had better be appropriate. It's not clear from this article how long she was doing IT work before this job. In addition, you usually don't see Masters in music branching out as much; a Bachelor's in music is still generalized enough that you aren't useless at other tasks.