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New Joan of Arc roasted submitted by SuperSaiyanCock to funny

NumptyDumpty 0 points 58 points (+58|-0) ago

It's absolute maliciousness. The people rewriting our history to include blacks in extremely esteemed positions; our national heroes, know exactly what they're doing and they know any future attempt to correctly portray them will be met with cries of "racism" and "whitewashing" from cultureless, afrocentrists and their leftist enablers. The regressive left is a fucking cancer on society.

Black South Africans are also starting to speak out about the white genocide submitted by CognitiveDissident5 to news

NumptyDumpty 4 points 51 points (+55|-4) ago

Blacks can never, ever survive without White people, it's the most blatantly obvious thing in the world. Very few of them realise that until it's too late, then they grovel and beg for us to help and then it all just happens all over again. Leave them all in Africa and let nature take it's course, then we can go in and cultivate the continent in peace.

it's all about who you gas submitted by bluntripkin to funny

NumptyDumpty 0 points 48 points (+48|-0) ago

First time for everything!

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In The Spirit of Fariness, Ben and Jerry's Is Giving Us Our Own Flavor As Well submitted by tendiesonfloor to funny

NumptyDumpty 17 points -15 points (+2|-17) ago

Another shill post. You can tell how many of them are here by the upvoats these lame digs and gay attempts at discrediting everyone here legitimately get. Divided by about four, of course, given they have multiple accounts. @PuttItOut should think about sorting it out.

Your dog can identify an untrustworthy person by smell submitted by Conspirologist to news

NumptyDumpty 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

A good olfactory clue for humans would be if someone smells like curry or chickenwangs - do not trust

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hires clerks through 2020 submitted by Ozzsanity to news

NumptyDumpty 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Or our politicians and media are owned by the same venomous idealogues that own yours? People in Europe only hate Trump because they're told to; the media, in my country at least, spews nothing but baseless anti Trump vitriol and pro immigrant, "minorities" are perpetual "victims" even as they murder and rape us in the streets horse shit. The same as in the US.