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Our provider, shut down our servers due to "political incorrectness" submitted by Atko to announcements

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A guy I used to work with had an unfortunate username submitted by Maschinwerk to funny

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Imagine for a moment that you are young Ms. Finger. All throughout high school, you've been riddiculed for your admittedly comical surname. Finally, college comes along. A chance for a fresh start! Meet new people, reinvent yourself.

The first thing you must do is register online and be assigned your new user name and password. How exciting! College!

Then you realize that your new college email address, the one with which you will apply for internships and jobs, the launching point of your career as a theoretical wartime political neurosurgery law analyst, is "fingerme".

deleted by user submitted by reacher to gaming

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Morrowind. I barely squeaked it out on my mom's old work laptop. An IBM Thinkpad. I just wandered for days and listened to the music. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. First "real" PC game.

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