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As much shit as the French Get, atleast they are rioting, submitted: 12/2/2018 2:51:38 PM, 261 points (+265|-4)

Problems With My Fiance and His Shitlord Family..., submitted: 5/8/2018 11:55:49 AM, 254 points (+257|-3)

Beta for 10 years --> awakens --> breaks habit and wrecks GF's (+ her daughter's) plans to continue using him, submitted: 4/23/2018 1:04:07 PM, 198 points (+203|-5)

I For One Would Like to Thank PuttItOut for his work to keep this site going, submitted: 6/7/2018 1:11:12 AM, 196 points (+205|-9)

Stop Calling it "Mainstream" it's "CORPORATE" Media, submitted: 1/22/2019 5:12:08 AM, 135 points (+137|-2)

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Pornography is for Weak Willed Faggots, submitted: 10/16/2017 3:41:21 PM, -6 points (+3|-9)

Free Speech Does Not Mean You Can Say WHATEVER You Want, submitted: 5/25/2018 12:33:10 PM, -5 points (+4|-9)

5 Reasons Weed is Worse For You Than Alcohol, submitted: 6/20/2018 12:16:16 PM, -5 points (+13|-18)

Nazi Tries to Sell a Shovel on Craigslist, submitted: 6/11/2018 10:42:41 AM, -3 points (+6|-9)

How Does Anyone Still Believe Americans Landed on the Moon?, submitted: 7/20/2018 11:51:07 PM, -3 points (+7|-10)

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Problems With My Fiance and His Shitlord Family... submitted by Native to theredpill

Native 1 points 48 points (+49|-1) ago

Every single older man i've ever known talked about how he used to have 'xyz classic car' when I ask what happened, they always reply;

I sold it when I got married

I never fucking understood that.

Edit: here is an update on this story

I do not trust a Pope that says Im not a Christian if I dont support the muslim invasion of Europe. submitted by con77 to theredpill

Native 1 points 45 points (+46|-1) ago

This current pope is by every measure and definition an "anti-Christ" and certainly an "anti-pope."

In fact legally he can't even be a pope because the current one is still alive. From day one he was subverting Christian law.

67k+ Liberal Mob Tries to Ban Top YouTuber 'PewDiePie' submitted by Sheetz to news

Native 3 points 39 points (+42|-3) ago

He said Nigger

He Dressed up in a British Officer's uniform and watched Hitler Videos

He paid street shitter pajeets to make a sign saying "gas the Jews'

Other than that..uhh no idea.

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Anyone else not watching the Super Bowl today? submitted by Dark_Shroud to whatever

Native 23 points -12 points (+11|-23) ago

Eagles and Patriots.

Take that faggot

Edit: it was a joke you dense fucks!

PRO TIP: Dress in a Suit While Traveling and You Will get A+ Service Where Ever You Go! submitted by Native to theredpill

Native 11 points -11 points (+0|-11) ago

That's why you aren't giving the fashion advice and i'm getting 1st class service and phone numbers from women.

President Trump: THE SECOND AMENDMENT WILL NEVER BE REPEALED! (continues) submitted by guinness2 to politics

Native 14 points -10 points (+4|-14) ago

Yes. And nobody cares about bump stocks....and no, bump stock bans don't infringe on the 2nd amendment.