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Thoughts?, submitted: 7/5/2015 2:32:00 PM, 39 points (+39|-0)

Everything Wrong With Environmentalism In 11 Minutes Or Less!! (X-post form /v/vegan), submitted: 7/16/2015 10:32:19 AM, 21 points (+23|-2)

Everything Wrong With Environmentalism In 11 Minutes Or Less!!, submitted: 7/15/2015 4:09:00 PM, 16 points (+16|-0)

Justice intensifies, submitted: 7/12/2015 8:41:10 PM, 13 points (+16|-3)

Does "Good for you." sound incredibly patronising to anyone else?, submitted: 7/6/2015 2:15:42 PM, 7 points (+7|-0)

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"Where do you get your protein?" [X-post from /v/WTF], submitted: 8/26/2015 12:05:21 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Lexa and Clarke Desktop Background, submitted: 8/29/2015 12:06:14 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

This show is just getting better and better. I hope this trend continues., submitted: 9/2/2015 8:29:41 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

Very effective activism that anyone can do with minimal effort., submitted: 8/25/2015 12:44:54 AM, 3 points (+3|-0)

That is so funiculus, umbilievable!, submitted: 6/21/2015 11:32:33 AM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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deleted by user submitted by Lunargypsy to AskVoat

Mopstorte 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

What, because we bred them like that?

The same could be used as justification to do it with humans. I'm sure a similar argument was used in favour of slavery.

They are sentient beings that feel pain and can suffer just like us, pigs for example are more intelligent than dogs and as intelligent as a 3 year old human child.

Your comment is, in my opinion, a perfect example of the kind of thinking that will be considered barbaric in the future.

Why does the history channel give aliens any air time? Am I completely off base believing that it's a bunch of garbage? submitted by TrojanGoat to AskVoat

Mopstorte 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I'm sorry, but...are you high, too?

Employers of Voat, What's Your Biggest "Dealbreaker"? submitted by Atiim01 to AskVoat

Mopstorte 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

This site shows 4 of these types of questions and explains what the employer/interviewer is looking for and how they're supposed to be answered.