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David Rockefeller dies at age 101 submitted by EarlPoncho to news

Milo_Carlin 2 points 24 points (+26|-2) ago

you mean rothschilds. you do know that soros has been working for them for over 45 years, right? he's just the strong arm of the rothschilds. a zionist knight, as it were.

George Soros Has Ruined the Lives of Millions of Europeans Says Hungarian Prime Minister submitted by 2dlapse to news

Milo_Carlin 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago

George Soros is a puppet of the Rothschilds. Speaking of him as a player of chess is false; soros is but a chess piece that Rothschilds move around on the board. We are dust that gets crushed under every move.

The Rothschilds have been undermined. They have lost control. Watch them turn on eachother while the indictments come down. Podesta is done. submitted by ecksile to politics

Milo_Carlin 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago

The rothschilds... have lost control

No, no they sadly haven't. 100% disinformation from a 2.9 hour account.

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Chrome 57 Will Permanently Enable DRM submitted by porncounselor to technology

Milo_Carlin 33 points -33 points (+0|-33) ago

The lies still exist, the censorship still exists, Prewn.

H! Im Milo Carlin, the bastard son of George Carlin and Milo! The Pedo Elite forced them to mate. Anyway, here's the most epic censored post on voat: Weaponized Words on Voat

Like anyone actually gives a fuck submitted by normie_god to politics

Milo_Carlin 33 points -33 points (+0|-33) ago

Watching Voat die is hilarious.

paid OPs, shill posts everywhere; the woke waiting for a replacement.

Libs? Your rebuttal? submitted by antiliberalsociety to politics

Milo_Carlin 29 points -27 points (+2|-29) ago

Thanks for adding that meaningful commentary. Of course, this is a manipulation post by OP, a known manipulation shill, so it's not as if there's value in reading any of this at all.