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Muslim brags about devastating 7-man gang rape of young German virgin girl, "full of dirt and sperm" , submitted: 1/10/2016 3:06:28 PM, 294 points (+307|-13)

2016 New Year's Resolution: Removed Reddit as Daily Bookmarked site, now just using Voat, submitted: 1/2/2016 4:45:27 AM, 179 points (+183|-4)

Oculus 'Always On' Services and Privacy Policy May Be a Cause for Concern - UploadVR, submitted: 4/2/2016 9:59:43 AM, 55 points (+56|-1)

CORPORATE FASCISM: The Destruction of America's Middle Class, submitted: 10/11/2015 3:49:36 PM, 13 points (+16|-3)

The Banality of Googles "Don't Be Evil", submitted: 7/18/2015 4:46:57 PM, 13 points (+13|-0)

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Deep House Music PL, submitted: 8/18/2015 2:12:09 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

2 HOURS of Best Female Vocal Dubstep Mix March 2015 , submitted: 9/7/2015 4:07:20 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Voat needs to rework top content, submitted: 9/8/2015 5:04:04 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

K-Pop Magic, submitted: 9/9/2015 10:19:20 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

Club Ambience Pt 2, submitted: 9/10/2015 6:20:05 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

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Muslim brags about devastating 7-man gang rape of young German virgin girl, "full of dirt and sperm" submitted by MiMx to news

MiMx 0 points 87 points (+87|-0) ago

Added description about the video from the site I found it:

Muslim brags about devastating 7-man gang rape of young German virgin girl, "full of dirt and sperm"

Published on Dec 28, 2015

Update: This man still walks free while thousands in Germany are in prison for speaking their mind and being politically incorrect.

In this footage, released 6 days ago, a Muslim immigrant brags about how he and 6 other men gang raped a young German virgin until she was "full of dirt and sperm" and "completely devastated" on the ground until "she was crying and could go on no more". His friend is very interested in the details, but is visibly disappointed because they did not violate her anally. They did, however, "absolutely destroy her" and "spit on her like pigs". Incidents like this have increased exponentially with the massive influx of illegal immigrants as German women are seen as nothing more than "sluts" or "fair game" by Muslims if they don't wear a headscarf. Feminists are silent and the media is specifically instructed to hide the identities of the rapists if this ever gets reported.

Instead the thing that gets reported and blown out of proportion is resistance of locals , like burning empty refugee shelters to protect their towns as viscous "hate crimes", despite migrants committing most of the arson themselves because they're not satisfied with the rural location of their shelter.

If you were to publicly mention rapes like these, you would be labelled a "racist" or "Nazi" and probably even charged with committing "hate speech", which would be the end of your employment or could even imply prison for you.

No one, Tim Cook declares, Should have a key that turns a billion locks. submitted by vanityesterday to technology

MiMx 0 points 42 points (+42|-0) ago


Remember that video about the white guy being shouted at for having dreadlocks? Redditors probably don't... submitted by Broc_Lia to MeanwhileOnReddit

MiMx 0 points 27 points (+27|-0) ago

Haven't used reddit since Voat came out.

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President Trump: I want to thank Steve Bannon for his service. He came to the campaign during my run against Crooked Hillary Clinton - it was great! Thanks S submitted by guinness2 to politics

MiMx 24 points -22 points (+2|-24) ago

Election is over. There has been constant drama in the WH. Trump approval is at almost and all time low 38%

You t'ryina get whacked? submitted by antiliberalsociety to funny

MiMx 19 points -15 points (+4|-19) ago

This shit is stupid, stop posting it

"What's a uniquely European problem?" - Mods delete every comment about immigration and Islam. submitted by shmuklidooha to MeanwhileOnReddit

MiMx 16 points -15 points (+1|-16) ago

Voat is a huge echo chamber for white supremacy and everything wrong with their lives is "the jew's fault" lol