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So I think I got the whole immigrant scam figured., submitted: 7/7/2018 12:49:17 PM, 61 points (+68|-7)

Capitulation with an aggressive enemy is not compromise,it's giving up., submitted: 4/20/2019 12:45:12 AM, 52 points (+52|-0)

I has the sads., submitted: 12/22/2017 1:50:45 AM, 46 points (+53|-7)

When some fuck wants to know what white people ever did for humanity,especially if they live in a white country., submitted: 9/21/2018 2:51:56 AM, 45 points (+46|-1)

So what happened with Britain?, submitted: 10/27/2017 10:45:27 AM, 33 points (+33|-0)

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Here's an idea., submitted: 10/22/2018 2:28:47 AM, 0 points (+2|-2)

Trump,the Syria pull out,and what it means., submitted: 2/4/2019 12:26:37 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

So Sunset Overdrive came out on Steam today., submitted: 11/17/2018 8:09:57 AM, 1 points (+3|-2)

Comic idea., submitted: 3/6/2018 2:22:02 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Spoony moral fags on Persona 5., submitted: 5/8/2018 2:47:47 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Voat Was Sent An Angel submitted by PuttItOut to announcements

Merlynn 6 points 137 points (+143|-6) ago

The optimist in me wants this to be for reals and work out like you're expecting it to. The pessimist in me knows this is probably jew infiltration and they'll use your "partnership" to bend you over and fuck everything up.

For what it's worth,you deserve the first one.

Swedish Gestapo launches website to gather "hate speech" in order to train AI to sniff out dissenters. You know what to do, boys! submitted by Futt to technology

Merlynn 0 points 82 points (+82|-0) ago

Flood it with SJW speak so it'll go after SJWs,proving once again that you should have human beings doing the job,costing the government more and more to run it's bullshit?

This chick I am seeing wants me to 'fight for her love' all the time, what do? submitted by EyeoftheChampion to AskVoat

Merlynn 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago

Bitch be crazy. Dump her before she fucks up your life.

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Elon Musk already named the (((globalists))) now calls out Reddit for it being a censorship shithole submitted by Edenz to science

Merlynn 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

Funny the asshole who owns Paypal is bitching about censorship.

French riot cops are definitely not aiming for the head to make their less than lethal weapons more effective. submitted by Rotteuxx to whatever

Merlynn 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

Says the moron with his eyes closed.

Star Wars by George Lucas vs. Star Wars by Disney/Kathleen Kennedy submitted by SilverAirplane to whatever

Merlynn 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

No,why haven't you seen the documentation yourself. It makes the rounds every so often,so you should easily find it.