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Account Deleted By User submitted by staunchly to videos

Martel-Sobieski 1 points 125 points (+126|-1) ago

They want to destroy your history and culture. If you want to destroy a people you must first destroy their history

They're rewriting things to try and make it seem like history was other than what it actually was

It's the same reason they rewrite our historical shows and shows based on myths and add in nonwhites. It's to try and act like they've always been in Europe and Europe has always had diversity. I mean for fucks sake in the King Arthur remake they have a black sir bedivere and he's one of the main characters . Westick is black of Muslim descent. The mage is a woman.

They rewrite our history to make it seem like these people have always been there just in fewer numbers. There were virtually no blacks in England at the time of the Arthur legend. It wasn't that they were just few in number. If there were any it was such a small number that they would've been virtually nonexistent. Most of those people would've lived their entire lives without seeing a nonwhite

It isn't about entertainment it's about pushing a subtle message to rewrite history and our mythology. The BAFTAS won't consider a work that doesn't meet a diversity requirement even if that work takes place in a time when the population wasnt ethnically diverse. So shows and movies will include a few nonwhites to appease the requirement

That's when you end up with weird shit like the show Versailles. First few episodes king Louis the great gets cucked by a black midget and the queen gives birth to a half breed daughter. Then a black kang comes and the ladies of the court fawn over how cute he is and king Louis leaves the queen alone in her room to talk with him because he knows that she's attracted to nigs so hopefully she can seduce him and they can get a favorable negotiation deal. The kang is just as regal and civilized as Louis is. It's all very insulting and retarded

Same with pretending like women were regularly warriors too. If they did fight it was rare and they absolutely would not have been holding their own against men. The men themselves wouldn't have had it simply because they're much weaker and if they got captured those women would be in for a bit of a rape. Even the Viking shield maidens were blown out of proportion quite a bit. Does anyone realize how dangerous it is for the whole army to have a woman in a shield wall? Scientific tests have proven almost all men are stronger than almost all women. It's a guaranteed weak point.

A woman fighting would be a sideshow. An oddity. That's exactly what it was. Look at the show Spartacus. All those stronk women killing scores of romans. In reality men are both faster and stronger than women. The only way they can make the waif-fu look like it makes sense is to have the women jumping around and moving faster than the men. The only realistic thing about a woman fighting a man is navieas death. The difference in speed and strength is so much they'd be easily overpowered. They wouldn't be able to parry and stuff like a regular fighter. They'd be slow and weak. It's biology. Let's not even get into the fact she's black and a black in Rome, even for a slave, is extremely rare. Onomeus was a Gaul. He was white. They made him a black Numidian. That portrayal stuck so much that some retard rewrote his wiki page saying he was Numidian. Nah. But "look at our stronk ethnically diverse group of men and women fighting those evil white romans". There actually was a female gladiator in Ancient Rome. She was Mevia. She wasn't there to be a fighter though. They faced her against smaller beasts like boars and whatnot. Had her go out there almost naked. It was done because it was both absurd and erotic for the audience

Hell they try to make carthaginians seem like they looked like North Africans today. They didn't. Those nonwhites are berbers, which is a completely different tribe, or moors. Carthage was phonecian. They were Greek. It was a Greek phonecian colony. White. Hannibal was white. After the fall of Rome the white Germanic vandals ruled North Africa.

Also while I'm at it cleopatra was white. She was Greek and inbred as fuck but white nonetheless. The Egyptians looked like arabs do today except a bit of a darker color. Blacks were very rarely pharaohs. The Egyptian 25th dynasty was black Nubian and they were so bad at ruling that it marked the last sustained period of self rule in egypts history. They got rolled over by the Persians who got beat by the Greeks. When Egypt emerged on the other side to rule itself again their culture heritage and religon were dead.

It's the equivalent to making a show set in 1000s North America about natives and making one of the characters a white guy. It rewrites history. Their justification would be "muh leaf Erickson" to say there were whites in North America at that time but they were so rare and few in number that it'd be disingenuous to use them as a character alongside the natives unless your film was specifically about that subject. They encountered a few tribes and left then became a mythical legend in their own right because they were so different from what people knew and were used to

The "hidden figures" film tries to rewrite history from being an achievement done primarily by white men to one being done by a diverse group of people. If you look at the pictures of the mission control or the apollo team it is 100% white and 99% male. It's like when the google doodle of the Rosetta mission had a diverse group of men and women of all colors. In reality the Rosetta probe team was all white.

Rewrite your history to destroy your culture and heritage

It all leads back to white genocide. The people being genocide will be less likely to long for the days of ethnic homogeneity if you rewrite their history through media to make it seem like they were never ethnically homogeneous to begin with and their achievements weren't done on their own

Anon Wants to Know What the fuck is even happening anymore submitted by EarlPoncho to 4chan

Martel-Sobieski 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago

What happened was what's called hypernormalization. You saw the same surreal atmosphere near the fall of the Soviet Union when people knew stuff was wrong but the propaganda outlets were still acting like everything was A-OK

Over the last two decades the political class and also media/bankers/corporations built up a version of reality that was simplified. It makes people feel comfortable to have it simplified and hides them away from the complexities of real reality. The people were fed false narratives that they just believed outright. It waa less about making things better for people and more about how you can manipulate them within the context of this false reality to get their votes. Everyone is part of said system because self sufficiency was phased out in order to consolidate control. Theyre fed pre packaged narratives and told how to feel and think, conditioned to have an angry reaction to anyone who questions the systems narrative. It made most people want to believe the false reality.

The problem is the world isnt that simple. You can only lie to yourselves so much and the farther a system goes away from reality the more wrong it'll be.

Destruction of the church and family gives people little to actually strive towards as larger than themselves. People need that hope for the future to strive towards, they need that model of what to be. Now thats deemed offensive. Nihilism took hold in many because of this. The vibrant hope for the future turned dark.

The normal people will talk amongst themselves and slowly one by one start realizing that this whole thing is an illusion. The emperor has no clothes. Once they realize this and see it from the outside they can see just how the system creates its illusion. It's obvious in virtually every news show, movie, tv, and political rhetoric. If you're part of the system then you cant admit it's a lie created to keep people complacent while gaining more and more power, so your only option is to double down on the lies of the illusion to hopefully spark those still under the spell into keeping it together for you.

Just like the soviets though, all it'll end up doing is eroding trust in the system.

The system loses control of the narrative. One of those people who are on the outside looking in starts pointing it out and everyone else who has broken free starts agreeing with him. The system throws all their usual tricks at him but none of them work because his supporters are innoculated against their tactics. It could be the most unlikely motherfucker as long as he's willing to point out what those inside the system cant. For those still under the illusion they'll believe everything the system throws at him, and his success will be the most crazy thing theyve ever seen. The people in charge cant actually admit why he won because admitting why he won means spilling the whole truth that the reality they portrayed to us for decades is a lie. Theyll lose their hold on the people that are still caught in the web. So theyll lie some more and try to discredit him as the liar, yet they'll keep ending up wrong and losing because hes working outside the psychological manipulation engine that they have constructed and they can only work inside it. It's not something thats consciously developed, but it is a system of greater and greater lies that has to come crashing down.

It reached its peak under Obama where they portrayed a false version of reality that made him seem like the greatest guy ever. Dont question it. Just accept the story and be pacified. It had nowhere to go but down from there. All you'd have to do is attack Obama in the right way while not backing down in any way and it'd start a mass disillusionment of the people.

Once the people are disillusioned then shit gets weird. All of a sudden the usual mass opiates dont work. People turn away from the systems entertainment outlets. The powerful Hollywood elites who funded many propaganda pictures are exposed by a golem they created.

Reality hits them and destroys the illusion. You cant watch a tv show without being disgusted at the political message you now see clear as day being pushed onto you. You cant watch the nfl without being disgusted at these people making more in a year than you do in your life crying and bitching and trying to manipulate you politically. You cant watch movies without being disgusted that theyre funded by scumbags and the same actress pushing feminism sucked dick for that role and the same director who is seeding political narratives into everything likes fucking little boys. (LOL at the director of fucking X-men, an allegory to gays, being a child fucker)

You cant cover it up anymore. You cant hide the dirty truth of reality. They treated us like we were children, and they forgot children grow up.

The old tactics dont work. The emperor has no clothes

Dead criminal's family complains victim's AR-15 made the fight unfair submitted by rspix000 to news

Martel-Sobieski 0 points 47 points (+47|-0) ago

There is no value in fighting with honor or fighting fair. Military strategists will laugh in your face for even mentioning a fair fight. You want the most unfair fight possible

The concept of fair fighting comes from the medieval code of chivalry which was 99% about how to conduct yourself in war, and very little about how to deal with women. It only works if both sides adhere to the code. Otherwise you're putting yourself at a disadvantage for no reason

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James Comey now believes Donald Trump was trying to influence Russia investigation, source says submitted by alphonso to news

Martel-Sobieski 30 points -14 points (+16|-30) ago

No he doesn't. No they didn't. The Independent and every news outlet conducting this level of yelllow journalism should drink bleach

James Comey now believes Donald Trump was trying to influence Russia investigation, source says submitted by alphonso to news

Martel-Sobieski 29 points -10 points (+19|-29) ago

Oh it's even more retarded. The Independent pulls from a CNN article. The CNN article doesn't quote a source on something comey actually said. They quoted a source "familiar with comeys thinking" in order to speculate what he would believe

James Comey now believes Donald Trump was trying to influence Russia investigation, source says submitted by alphonso to news

Martel-Sobieski 32 points -8 points (+24|-32) ago

No no sources don't even say that. This is the media playing a giant game of telephone. here is the original where CNN went full retard

This is what The Independent is pulling from

Former FBI Director James Comey now believes that President Donald Trump was trying to influence his judgment about the Russia probe, a person familiar with his thinking says

So this "source" isn't even saying "comey told me trump tried t influence" it's saying "is familiar to with how comey thinks and I think he thinks this now"

They know exactly what they're doing with this level of dishonest journalism.