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DNC Platform Committee Member: Nobody Should Own a Gun, submitted: 6/9/2016 6:47:42 AM, 2 points (+3|-1)

[BreitBart] See, I Told You Bernie Sanders Was a Fraud, submitted: 6/8/2016 10:02:38 PM, 4 points (+5|-1)

Bilderberg Leak: Secretive Group to Discuss Internet ID, Global Tax, submitted: 6/8/2016 10:38:25 PM, 5 points (+5|-0)

Palestinian Fatah Leader Describes Terrorists As Miracle Workers; Says Supporters Of Peace Not Real Palestinians, submitted: 6/9/2016 6:41:12 AM, 7 points (+8|-1)

"Finally a Republican (Other Than Me) Tells the Truth About Hillary Clinton", submitted: 6/23/2016 5:18:51 AM, 9 points (+10|-1)

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We've Lost - Huffington post on Suicide Watch submitted by Alybad to news

MacheteSanta 3 points 10 points (+13|-3) ago

"Liberalism is a mental disorder" --Michael Savage

Biggest solar-powered ship in the world has circumnavigated the world submitted by kudlit to pics

MacheteSanta 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago

Food for thought: How much oil was used to create 8.5 tons of batteries and the solar panels?

Dilbert creator: Trump 'bitch-slapped Fox News' submitted by MOF to news

MacheteSanta 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago

This piece has so many great points. I'll have to go back and reread it again as I skimmed through half, but here are what stood out to me:

Just to give you a general idea of the things that he does, he likes to pick really visual images, because the mind just goes to visual. It's what you remember. So when Trump talks about his policies, he says, "I am going to build a big, beautiful wall with a door," so you've got this perfect mental image.

If he is talking about ISIS, he doesn't talk about, "Well, we are trying to beat an idea," or anything like that. He says, "They're cutting off people's heads and they're putting them in cages and drowning them." So it is this visceral, visual image.

The Pope said some negative things about capitalism. Now, look what a trap this is: The question poses for Trump the option of disagreeing with the Pope — that's not good — or saying that there is something wrong with capitalism, which goes completely against his brand. So what does he do?

His answer to the question what do you think about the Pope's comments on capitalism was, "I think the Pope should be worrying about ISIS taking over the Vatican." Now, can you imagine anything more visual than that? In your mind you are already seeing the movie in three acts. You are seeing Gerard Depardieu or somebody

There is sort of the rule consistency. If Trump is always Trump — meaning that he will say what he needs to say and he'll change his mind tomorrow — then you'll say, "OK, That is what I am getting. I'm getting somebody who is going to sort work it out and look at the facts. Who is not wed to one side. He'll just figure it out."

'Cause obviously he has been doing that for five decades in his business. He has figured out entirely different businesses. Building golf courses is not building apartment buildings or skyscrapers. It is not "The Apprentice." It is not these licensed companies. He has figured out a lot of stuff and made almost all of it work. 90 percent, I think.

So, I think on some level he is selling himself as a businessperson who is going to go figure it out. As long as he is consistent with, "I am a businessperson. I am going to figure it out," people aren't looking too much for the facts because remember they didn't care about them in the first place. They do want him to go blow up the system, get the people with money out of the system or at least ignore them for a while.

He can probably do that, 'cause we have seen him push around news organizations. We've seen him push around the Republican Party. So he can clearly get things done. I think people are saying, "Well, the thing we want done is to just blow up the current system and we want somebody who can figure out how to build something after you do the demolition phase."

Trump has built a lot of stuff. He has built a lot of different stuff. He knows how to figure it out.

Let me ask you this: If you were hiring a CEO for just a regular Fortune 500 company, you were hiring him today but his first day of work wouldn't be for six months, would you expect him to have a detailed turnaround plan for the company? You wouldn't because he doesn't have access to the information. Everything is going to be different in six months anyway. He'll have better advisers during that time. He could work it out then.

I cannot think of any problem that a president would deal with that he could not be fully briefed to the point where an executive needs to understand it in three hours. Probably three hours for almost any topic if the best people in the world are sitting on each side and say, "Look, here is the best argument for it. Here is the best argument against it. Now, discuss." There's no way they'll last for more than three hours

Capitalism is this huge failure machine. Most projects fail. Most products fail. Most companies fail in the long run. People don't hold their same job forever. People get fired. So there is all of this failing but while people are failing they are also getting paid. So they make money.

They buy things. So every once in a while by pure luck, some start-up works. Some company makes a hit product because an engineer was good and some CEO takes the credit.

Now, if Trump was the head of a company that did one thing once and it worked out really well, I would say you don't know anything about Trump. But the fact that he has failed several times at several companies and, I think, 400-500 entities that have his name on it, he has gone through failure. He has worked through failure. He has succeeded in lots of different companies.

So he simply has more tools than other people do because he has seen more situations. Most management is some kind of pattern recognition: "I've been in this situation. This is what works. This is what didn't."

And by the way, Trump has given us the best job interview of all time. What he is selling is, "I am selling my persuasive ability, my ability to get things done in a broken government." What he did was to take over the entire Republican Party without being much of a Republican while we watched. He did that right in front of us. Every part of that he did in front of us.

Then, when the news organizations began piling up on him, he basically bitch-slapped Fox News to where he needed it to be. CNN, it still has maybe a little pro-liberal bias people would say, but they are not terrible to to him. They are not terrible to Trump. They are giving him a fair shot at this point

So, if you look at the number of things he has co-opted, right down to Paul Ryan finally getting on board with an endorsement today, you've never seen a better job interview. He is literally doing the things he said I could do for you. Watch me make these things that were broken work again. He fixed the Republican Party, in a sense, because he took it over.

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deleted by user submitted by Helpabrotherout to technology

MacheteSanta 4 points -1 points (+3|-4) ago

Time for you to install BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). Its available on BlackBerry (naturally), Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Amazon App store

Features: encrypted, video calling, auto confirmation receipts, and unlike WhatsApp your phone number is not revealed: you create an account via email address and are assigned a PIN code as an identifier.

Plus, you know BlackBerry is the leader in security and privacy.

Harbinger Of The Future: 7 Times The Militant Progressive Left Used Violence To Shut Down Donald Trump submitted by newoldwave to politics

MacheteSanta 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

This great article also details the specific tactics used, where the thugs are divided in three groups of "red", "yellow" and "green" by an ex-activist

I suggest you crosspost this to other threads, I believe the information is extremely important to help any rally-goers identify these scum

Account Deleted By User submitted by TheFlyingDutchman to whatever

MacheteSanta 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Yep. I know its against the grain but I knew about Google's leftist tendencies for many years and thus I haven't used any Android phones except for a piece of crap Samsung until I got my first BlackBerry.

Still on BlackBerry today :P