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Programmers REVOLT Against Social Justice Rules in Linux submitted by roznak to technology

LooshCollector 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

The situation is trannies are trying to enstate a Code of Conduct (CoC) for programmers and contributors to the linux source code. There was never any problems with that sort of thing and the CoC is unneeded and a lot of contributors just see it as a way for people to bully contributors out of linux development. Since linux is licensed under the General Lesser Public License Version 2 it allows people to pull all of their contributions to the linux codebase through a copyright claim. A lot of developers are apparently threatening to pull the kill switch on linux. IF such a thing were to happen it could take years before linux would be operable again. It would probably be better off just starting from scratch since the codebase will just be swiss cheese. Here is a good write up on the situation in text if you want more details and updates.

Anyone supporting this "Guilty until proven Innocent" bullshit agaibst Kavanaugh is an enemy to America submitted by RedditIsForLiberals to politics

LooshCollector 0 points 32 points (+32|-0) ago

I fucking hate how quickly people are to go and ruin someones life and assume they're guilty based on the word of one woman before any evidence is presented or he is given a fair trial in court. Just goes to show that you should always have multiple people in the same room and never be alone in the same room as a woman but even that doesn't seem to matter anymore because people just jump on to the mob mentality train because it fits their narrative and his loss is their gain.

Now a male with a distinguished resume can be denied a job because an anxious neurotic woman vaguely remembers something unpleasant from high school 35 years earlier? submitted by puggy to AskVoat

LooshCollector 0 points 25 points (+25|-0) ago

Yes. You'll also get fired if any women say you make them feel uncomfortable.

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Pornography is a JEWISH WEAPON of Mass Control, zombification and pacification. submitted by HyperbolicGasChamber to whatever

LooshCollector 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I've noticed since around 2015 pornhub has had an influx of videos that are titles things like "XXXextra small barely legal teen is my personal sex slave" There were barely any videos like that 4 years ago. There is also the recent proliferation of the cuck meme that has 5 black guy surrounding a teenage girl that's in pigtails.

South Africa: white children hide in garage as Bantu invaders shoot father 4 x submitted by CognitiveDissident5 to news

LooshCollector 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

bLaCk PeOPlE CaN'T bE rAcISt

If I moved to Japan, got myself a Japanese wife, bought a house in Japan, spoke fluent Japanese and by some miracle got a Japanese passport - does that make me Japanese? submitted by KyleAfrica to whatever

LooshCollector 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

God its hilarious how you redditors come here and post cute racial slurs to try and discredit this site and ruin its reputation by filling it with garbage. Its a good thing you're all sub 70 IQ retards who don't have the mental capacity to think and breathe at the same time or else we wouldn't be able to spot you from a mile away.

Almost every one of your posts is anti jewish and never actually contributes to any conversations. They don't really even seem to have much effort put into any of them or talk about any points in the posts you reply to if at all just repeating what they've already stated. It's almost like you're just posting according to what a script is telling you to post :^) You would think someone who hated jews as much as you would be spreading information on why jews are so filthy every opportunity you could but you don't, why is that? Is it because if you actually spread truthful information about jews you would get in trouble with whoever is paying you? You sure can say "reeeee kikes XDDD" but you never do actually say why they're so bad. Really makes you think.

Why won't you redpill me on the jews Mr filthy Kike?