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If you don't use it, you lose it submitted by PuttItOut to Voat

LoginOrRegister 7 points 74 points (+81|-7) ago

Will the QTard analyze this very crypto message for us ?

Why do Jews want to destroy christianity, when people claim it's a Jewish tool to control Goy? submitted by KILLtheRATS to AskVoat

LoginOrRegister 6 points 19 points (+25|-6) ago

"when people claim it's a Jewish tool to control Goy?"

You fell for Jewish JIDF tricks. They want you to be their useful idiot, their proxy warrior to hate and fight Christianism, because that's what it means to be a Jew. The Jewish "people", it isn't an ethnicity, it isn't a "race", it's a theological construct, it's a group who founded itself on a negative identity of rejecting the Christ and thus rejecting Christianity for more than 2000 years. It's not a racial problem, there is no biological continuity between the Jews at the time of the Crucifixion, and the Azkenazis Jews of today in Israel. The Azkenazis aren't "Semites", the are from the biological area of Turkey. (thus ironically making the Israelites Jews the biggest anti-Semites of the world, against the Palestinians of today which are the Semites).

So in other words, by manipulating you to hate and reject Christianity, and by manipulating you into identifying yourself as a "white guy", a "Pagan" or a "white supremacist", you unknowingly become a crypto-Jew, an useful idiot to fight their fight against Christianity. So please, do not fall into the trap of this philosophy of "biological materialism" (a.k.a Darwinism), because you'll end up being a Jew, having the same values as a Jew, praising the same things as a Jew, and hating and rejecting the same things without as a Jew...All of that while pretending to hate the Jews. So you'll end up being the very person you claim to despise, and you'll be trapped, because you'll be their useful idiot for their battles against Christianity. And do not even think that you can out-Jew the Jews by trying to be better Jews, it's not possible, because the Jewish people have been Jews for more than 2000 years without interruptions, while you might be a neo-Jew for not even 100 years.

If race is a social construct, why are the top five runners on the U.S. Track and Field Cross Country Team Kenyan? submitted by GleeClubBill to science

LoginOrRegister 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago

Your point of view supposes that the Jews got in their positions thanks to meritocracy...Which is obviously false.

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Feminist Writer Who Tweeted 'Men Are Not Women' Sues Twitter Over Permanent Ban submitted by Ex-Redditor to technology

LoginOrRegister 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago

That's not true. When you deny the immobile immutable hard pillars of absolute Moral Law and the Absolute Truths of the bible, then, you enter in moral relativism, meaning that you enter in quicksands, meaning that you may start with a somewhat modest relativism, but you'll end up going deeper and deeper in the quicksand, going deeper and deeper in moral relativism, and thus you end up with the crazy ideologies we have now, where "men and women are social constructs".

It's true for absolutely everything. If you don't conform yourself to the absolute immutable established pillar Moral Law and Absolute Truth by God, the ORDER of the universe, LOGOS, then you'll enter in those quicksands of relativism, trying to be your own God, and you'll sink deeper and deeper into CHAOS, ANTI-LOGOS.

It's like everything really, if you deny that sexual intercourse should exclusively be done inside of the marriage and open to procreation like in good Catholic fashion, then, you'll enter in sexual relativism, beginning with sex for "recreation" with your wife, then followed with contraception with your wife, then with the sexual liberation, then with homosexual acceptance, then with gay marriage (logical consequence, when you have heterosexual sex inside of marriage in a sterile way...) and you sink deeper and deeper and deeper and you'll end-up with a situation of absolute moral relativism, where NOTHING is true, ALL is relative.

Edit: So no, oldschool feminists did not care about women, but about power, wanting to create their own rules, to be their own God. If they cared for women, they would encourage them to submit to the Absolute Catholic Moral Law and tell them to NEVER tempt to rebel against this Absolute Moral Law and Order (LOGOS), even though we have a natural tendency to want to rebel against the Logos of the universe, the Absolute Order of the universe, because of our fallen nature because of the original sin of Adam & Eve (and not Adam & Steve as could claim moral relativists).

PS: A little 8 min video that you could watch to go a little deeper, on why homosexuality is so important for the Jews. Dr. E.Michael Jones is partially responsible for bringing me back to the Catholic Church.

EDIT 2: In the premise I made about sexual relativism, I could have placed the sin of masturbation somewhere in the first steps, because it's as much as a deceit of the natural purpose of sex as contraceptive sex or worst, sodomy. That's why masturbation is anti-logos/anti-nature. So if you were to promote masturbation, in the name of some twisted principle, then you will promote this anti-natural sterile (and transient, some people masturbate daily, or even several times per day) behavior, and you'll force people to enter in the quicksands of moral (sexual) relativism and they'll go down, be enslaved by themselves and they'll sink so low that they'll end-up straight to hell on earth. Sometimes, this need several generations to pass from a moral society based on Logos, to what we have now, it's gradual, it's the "boiled frog" experiment. That's exactly why masturbation is promoted by the Jews, it's a mean to corrupt us and enslave us. Wilhem Reich was a freudian communist jew and he promoted sexual liberation, which began with the acceptance of masturbation. The "sex education" courses of today that are taught in school to young children/teenagers is a direct legacy of this Freudian communist jew corrupter.

Corporations are unironically declaring 'war' on the populace now submitted by Tranix to technology

LoginOrRegister 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

In what year Jews declared war against Germany in the 30's ?

Anti-Semitic Acts Are 'Spreading Like a Poison' in France Amid 'Yellow Vest' Protests ----- Now They are Labeling All Yellow Vests as Anti-Semitic submitted by SeventhSon to news

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Jewish people have cried wolf too many times, you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around, the chicken have come home to roast, ...