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This is What they are covering up folks..It all comes down to this: Pedogate Pizzagate #CPSgate. ***Senator Nancy Schaefer Murdered for CPS Sex Ring Investigation**** submitted by OnHoldWithBreitbart to pizzagate

LoPhatt 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

This phenomena is so large that isolating one aspect and declaring victory won't work. On the "supply side" you have CPS, orphanages, thefts, immigrants, war refugees, illegal birthing operations (I'm sure I'm missing a few but you get the idea). Beyond that, the supply is meaningless without the demand. This can be perversion, organ harvesting, Satanic demon worship, secret cult rituals, cannibalism.

The one thing that seems to be within our ability to control is the safety of our kids. Certainly no one working with kids should avoid scrutiny. No institution should go unchecked. Those who do the checking must be checked as well.

I simply do not trust anyone with my kids. They are all grown now but, when they were small, I never left them alone with anyone I wasn't related to. I have seen countless examples of people preying on children in my life. They are usually associated with organizations that work with kids. That's not surprising. If you were a pedophile where would you want to work?

None of these activities should be "normalized". They are unacceptable. There is nothing amusing about it. The Comet Ping-Pong crowds "oh-so-kool" sense of humor aside. It ain't funny.

FF: Secret Service laptop with Trump, Clinton info LEAKED submitted by anonOpenPress to pizzagate

LoPhatt 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago

Of course this is utter bullshit. Floor plans of the building can be had down at the local country records office. Why would "Secret Service" personnel be carrying around laptops with Clinton (or the Pope's for God's sake!) information on them? Answer: They wouldn't.

They are obviously setting the stage for something. It could be innocuous as in trying to imply that Trump doesn't have his act together, to crazy (not that I rule out crazy), and they're getting ready to make another outrageous assertion and this, somehow, supports it.

Pre Pizzagate reviews from YELP! of Comet Piiiiiiizzzahhh and Piiiiiing Ponnnnnng.. submitted by remedy4reality to pizzagate

LoPhatt 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago

I sort of doubt that those kids just wander in there. Besides, once they fold up the tables, apparently the kids stay. That's weird to me. Who's kids are they?

Remember the guy that went there with the "periscope"? They threw him out. Everybody was watching him. That's because their usual clientele are "members". They all know each other. When someone unknown comes in that goof on them and try to make them uncomfortable.

This is their little clubhouse. From the other posts it appears that they have "clubhouses" everywhere. So, yeah, it's about kids, but its also about lifestyle. Many are Satanists, queer, pedophiliac, quasi-artistic (at least wannabes), etc.. They get to be big fish in a little bowl.

So, most hang out at the clubhouse. Some get invited to the big shot's events where they get to rub elbows with politicians and Hollywood types. My guess it that it provides a little army of perverts who help "harvest" what they need. They throw them a few crumbs now and then, and in return, when they need something done it happens.

So, in some ways, it is like the Mafia. They enter "the Life". There is plenty of money and there are always "odd jobs" that need doing that pay well. They get their perversions paid for.

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The Podesta Brothers Revealed to be in Portugal the Day of Madeleine McCann's Disappearance submitted by blankfacecriminal to pizzagate

LoPhatt 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Just to play devil's advocate (because someone has to), it would not be hard to "reverse engineer" those photos knowing what we do now. As to the "proof", unidentified "FBI informants" don't cut it. We are no further along with this line of investigation than we were.

I'd love to see the proof, I haven't yet. Just having Freud there is creepy enough. Having the Podestas in Portugal, yet alone in the exact town would be remarkable.

There would have to be a huge back story to explain why these two movers and shakers would be personally involved in the kidnapping business. They normally pay people like Dutroux to do that sort of dirty work. Lord knows they have the money.

WTF is going on. JA imdb page. This was not there a few days ago. Any guesses as why they are doing this? submitted by Bitchybadger to pizzagate

LoPhatt 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

There's quite a lot going on here and, as usual, people tend to fixate on particulars that aren't really that important to the topic in general. First, "age of consent" varies quite a bit. In my state it's 15. In Hawaii its 14. In Louisiana it used to be 65lbs.

So, what do we take away from that? "Oh the humanity" in one state turns into "she's fair game" across the state line. I think it may be wise to look at this a little differently. What the "age of consent" represents is what is important. Are they mature enough to make an informed decision?

Again, that depends. Some aren not mature at 45. Others are probably minimally mature at 12 (who knows?).

From there the argument jumps to "is this a legal issue?" or "is this a moral issue?". From there we get to "are they married?". You see where I'm going with this. I don't know about you but I don't see "statutory rape" of a teenager as quite the same thing as raping an eight-yea-old. When does it become "pedophilia" (actually pederasty)?

Obviously knowledge and consent are pivotal to any discussion of this. Further, adults have responsibilities to children. Adults violate those responsibilities when they take advantage of children.

Looking at our "main guy" here, he clearly is at least homosexual. MANY homosexuals are into kids (whether they admit it or not). At least partly that is because they let their dicks rule their lives. They tend to be hedonists who do whatever pleases them.

Lastly, as someone else on this thread said, don't let them scapegoat Alefantis. Podesta's a bigger fish. They all suck (literally), but there's a pecking order.

IS SARAH SILVERMAN A PEDOPHILE?? Her 2009 tweet suggests she might be... submitted by matheasysolutions to pizzagate

LoPhatt 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

It's a joke, but it ISN'T funny. It's her normal schtick of making fun of the dumb Goy and watching them laugh at themselves. Typical.