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Star Fucks 69: Part 12/11, submitted: 4/1/2017 4:15:37 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

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Hypersensitivity and soft censorship may be muffling free speech in America - The New Yorker submitted by InMediaRes to news

Link1299 0 points 62 points (+62|-0) ago

One is a denial that life is painful

The other is an acceptance.

I'd rather live a life where I handle pain maturely than keep getting hurt trying to prevent it entirely.

edit: see, anime's good for something

I've never seen a tie tied like that before. submitted by pepperlim to gifs

Link1299 0 points 52 points (+52|-0) ago

What, if anything, is too serious to joke about? submitted by BRITTEACH to AskVoat

Link1299 0 points 48 points (+48|-0) ago

humor allows for an opening of discussion on a senstive topic. It allows access to something that is horrible through the lens of its absurdity. It is what allows you to accept that the tragedy exists, and how we can have a conversation on it to start with by recognizing it.

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A Child In Los Angeles Has The Plague submitted by desivip to news

Link1299 9 points -6 points (+3|-9) ago

Just don't let them make a vaccine for it

then people will be afraid it'll give their children autism

edit: see if I give a fuck :D

@Pm_me_your_arches is being called @hecho, @Xanthia has left, and I need some fucking context submitted by Link1299 to MicksHut

Link1299 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

mainly yeah

I just wanted to give my perspective as an overall outsider to the topic and reinforce that thought.

Because really it is absurd, and while this will hopefully blow over with out any more angst, I still felt I needed to make some stand for pmya, because I think the treatment he is getting is going too far. Even if he doesn't want my help, fuck it. Sometimes I feel like standing up for someone is still right, even when they are in wrong. It saves them from being destroyed, even if they brought that destruction upon themselves.