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Obeast falls Flat!, submitted: 5/20/2019 8:26:29 PM, 28 points (+28|-0)

LIVE: Yellow Vests protest for 21st consecutive week, submitted: 4/6/2019 12:50:58 PM, 15 points (+16|-1)

Shots fired into lawyer's office, protesters march in Pittsburgh after jury acquits ex-cop who killed unarmed teen, submitted: 3/24/2019 4:09:10 AM, 15 points (+16|-1)

Fat Fuck Destroys Chair ! Can Hardley roll up from floor!, submitted: 4/1/2019 5:54:38 AM, 12 points (+14|-2)

FUNNY FAT PEOPLE FAIL COMPILATION #1, submitted: 4/3/2019 6:17:18 PM, 12 points (+14|-2)

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BREAKING!! SEE WHAT SCHIFF JUST FOUND THEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE & HE NEEDS TO GO, submitted: 4/8/2019 12:21:12 AM, -3 points (+1|-4)

How to debate right wingers, submitted: 3/8/2019 10:29:18 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

Doxxing @Niggervirus's Blind Date last night, submitted: 4/3/2019 5:13:56 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

Slope pissed at BK commercial being racist but not pro commie!, submitted: 4/8/2019 7:49:12 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

A Dark and Foreboding Malignancy. - X, submitted: 4/20/2019 3:46:53 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

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Real Men Use Fists submitted by Wolfspider to whatever

Libertarian_Patriot 0 points 36 points (+36|-0) ago

Burn the coal PAY the Toll!

Mysterious Drug-Resistant Germ Deemed An "Urgent Threat" Is Quietly Sweeping The Globe submitted by not_drunk to news

Libertarian_Patriot 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

Holy Shit I had a dream about this the other night and that some type of plague was attacking people of color only! My wife asked why I was smiling and so cheerful when I woke up. I told her I had the most vivid surreal dream ever. She asked me what was it about and I told her. Wow she says ,sounds like a awesome dream! Lol =)

I'll just leave this here submitted by Cid to funny

Libertarian_Patriot 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

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Ask, and yee shall receive submitted by antiliberalsociety to funny

Libertarian_Patriot 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

OMG lolz 4 days !

Alex Jones gets ridiculed and loses it at restaurant submitted by Libertarian_Patriot to funny

Libertarian_Patriot 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Yeah he is a whacked out S.O.B. but it is funny to watch! Like a train wreck you just gotta watch the spectacle!

Help me pick a fun new hobby. Do you have any suggestions? submitted by My10thaccount to AskVoat

Libertarian_Patriot 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

Mass Murderer/Serial killer? Takes decent cardio, strength and dexterity from what I have seen recently! lol =)