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Reddit quiet after YouTube shooting, submitted: 4/4/2018 11:10:50 AM, 141 points (+148|-7)

Just deleted my account from Reddit. It felt refreshing., submitted: 3/7/2016 8:38:54 PM, 107 points (+110|-3)

I got banned from /v/news for calling someone a cupcake, submitted: 9/10/2015 2:26:02 AM, 67 points (+72|-5)

You, whoever you are, had to kill 140 people to get the TPP off the front page of voat., submitted: 11/14/2015 2:23:26 AM, 56 points (+77|-21)

Rand Paul and why i am going to vote for him., submitted: 12/7/2015 4:31:49 PM, 53 points (+61|-8)

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Fat People Pictures?!, submitted: 7/29/2015 7:46:58 PM, -15 points (+5|-20)

Christoper Columbus was a Jew, submitted: 1/9/2018 3:35:55 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

NoFX - Kill all the white men, submitted: 8/12/2016 1:10:51 AM, -1 points (+1|-2)

RSS test - please ignore., submitted: 6/16/2016 8:41:54 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

How is Donald going to quit?, submitted: 6/22/2016 5:54:13 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

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Hillary asked about wiping her email server: "What, like with a cloth or something? 'Well, no. I don't know how it works digitally at all." submitted by miistahmojo to politics

Lag-wagon 0 points 88 points (+88|-0) ago

Then she shouldn't be president in the digital age where everything is run by computers. You need to know how this stuff works so you can make laws accordingly.

Why is wall street and the government blamed for the mortgage crisis when the real blame should lie on baby boomers who bought houses they couldn't afford and then just stopped paying for their them? submitted by MCVoat to AskVoat

Lag-wagon 4 points 73 points (+77|-4) ago

How I see it is the people who were giving out loans saw, on paper, these people would not be able to pay it back. Then gave the loan anyways. Then sold the loans to get rid of them.

Account Deleted By User submitted by ProudEuropean88 to Identitarian

Lag-wagon 0 points 72 points (+72|-0) ago

I wouldn't date a chick if she had kids at all.

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Rich Liberal Parents Fight to Keep Their Kids out of Black Public School submitted by NihilOne to news

Lag-wagon 15 points -15 points (+0|-15) ago

Rich and Liberal are usually two different things. Rich implies Republican. Liberal would imply more accepting of taboos more... progressive. Nothing seems progressive about this. So, in context, Rich Republics would probably bold better. for this title.

Violence Erupts In Turkey After Prominent Lawyer Is Assassinated On Live TV submitted by ideasware to news

Lag-wagon 23 points -15 points (+8|-23) ago

Russian is not a good guy. It is whatever it needs to be at the time to get what it wants.

Twitter just killed JoeM's account @StormIsUponUs submitted by MolochHunter to GreatAwakening

Lag-wagon 17 points -15 points (+2|-17) ago

Fuck your god.