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There is absolutely no reason an American citizen should have a bump/slide fire stock submitted by go1dfish to guns

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I thought I was on Reddit for a second.

We're Still Here!!! You Fucks! submitted by The_Duke_of_Dabs to whatever

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I think it is something bigger than reddit.

Is hillary having a meltdown? submitted by New_years_day to politics

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It seems like she spends most of her time talking about how much Trump and his supporters suck rather than about how she plans to fix the country.

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"But I can drive you home! Why would you want to walk?!" submitted by TunaAndCucumbers to fatpeoplehate

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Giving a child a disability is MY choice! Fucking patriarchy. submitted by Anonthony to funny

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Is this real life?

Found some subtle shitlording in Munich submitted by A_pint_of_real_mayo to fatpeoplehate

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Why is it in English?