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Iran Says ISRAELI Cities Can Be Targeted to Avenge General Soleimani. submitted by John_B_14 to politics

John_B_14 2 points 57 points (+59|-2) ago

As I stated on the other thread , Iran should attack Israel.

  • If Iran does nothing, they're giving the zionist neocons a greenlight to attack Iran with impunity.

  • If Iran attacks USA, they're falling into the jew-trap, and Trump & neocons will attack & crush Iran with public support from enraged Americans.

  • Thus, Iran's best move is to join forces with Iraq(shiite), Syria, Russia, and attack Israel.

It would be a conventional attack on Israel, but with Russian jets & military parked in Iranian cities. So any nuke attack on Iran would be a nuke attack against Russia, which has the biggest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world.

Iran's message to the American people should be "Our fight is with Israel, not America".

Much of Trump's "America First" base will point to candidate Trump's statement of getting out of "crazy Middle East wars", and demand "No more wars for Israel", and "Israel should pay their own bills and fight their own wars".

Trump is facing re-election. 0% of leftist voters will vote for him, no matter what (Orange Man Bad; He's literally Hitler, etc). Trump can't afford to lose any support from his base. And much of his nationalist base voted for him to "get out of crazy Middle East wars". Much of Trump's nationalist base, who watch Tucker Carlson (who is against war with Iran), does not want to fight another war for Israel.

RE: "Israel would nuke Iran"

  1. USA has nuclear weapons.

  2. USA is the only country that has ever dropped nuclear weapons on people.

  3. USA has a track record of invading & overthrowing Middle East countries.

  4. Israel is regularly attacked, and hasn't used nukes.

  5. It is debateable whether Israel has ever successfully detonated a nuke.

  6. Israel does not have the capability to invade & conquer Iran.

  7. If Iran, Iraq(shiite), Syria, Russia launch a conventional attack against Israel, and Israel responds with a nuke attack against Iran (where Russian jets & soldiers are located), then Russia is justified in nuking Israel into oblivion.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Trigglypuff to whatever

John_B_14 20 points 30 points (+50|-20) ago

(((Gab))) is a jewish platform, run by a jew, that has repeatedly banned people who name the jew, and their new "Dissenter" browser add-on bans posts that merely include the word "jew".

In the interests of continuing to be able to distribute the extension through the Chrome store, we have made the decision that the current and any future version of the extension listed in Google's Chrome store will not display posts containing a small and select list of approximately 20 highly offensive racial epithets. If you want to make a point that folks on the current version of the extension can see, you'll have to do so without using offensive racial language.

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Brittany Pettibone: "Censorship starts with banning us from private utilities like Twitter, FacebookYoutube, but ends with them banning us from Internet providers, cell phone, bank accounts, etc." submitted by Kippering to technology

John_B_14 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago

The Federal Communications Commission voted today to deregulate the broadband industry and eliminate net neutrality rules that prohibit Internet service providers from blocking and throttling Internet traffic.

Now, internet service providers will be free to selectively block or slow down content from websites and services they don't like,news-18792.html

Shocker: Democrat Ilhan Omar Pushes for Release of Muslim Brotherhood Leader from Prison submitted by kobold to politics

John_B_14 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago

You guys are getting played by Zionist pro-Jew, pro-Israel, pro-AIPAC neocon media.

  • Muslim Brotherhood is anti-Israel. They do not attack USA.

  • On the other hand, ISIS & Al-Qaeda are pro-Israel. They never attack Israel, but they do attack USA.

Ilhan Omar named AIPAC the Israeli lobby, so now the Israel-first Zionists want to shut her down.

All anti-war people outside of the Jewish establishment - including white nationalists, nationalists, libertarians - agree that Ilhan Omar is telling the truth about AIPAC the Israeli lobby.

Dr David Duke: By Defiance to Z.O.G. Ilhan Omar is NOW the most important Member of the US Congress!

Daily Stormer: Ilhan Omar was Right

Red Elephants / Vincent James: The Curious Case of Ilhan Omar and Her Tweets About AIPAC

Ben Swann: Rep Omar’s Comments On Israel Were Not Anti Semitic

Reminder: The Kurds are Communist terrorists, aligned with Antifa. submitted by John_B_14 to politics

John_B_14 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

No, we're leaving Syria, while Rachel Maddow cries that we have to protect the communist terrorist Kurds, who are aligned with Antifa.