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I saw this, and thought of you., submitted: 12/3/2018 10:43:54 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

4.6 magnitude tremor hits central London, submitted: 10/22/2017 4:03:14 PM, 5 points (+6|-1)

The Fine Brothers - React Around The World Announcement (Featuring RapidBeta) | .EXE, submitted: 1/30/2016 3:30:27 PM, 5 points (+8|-3)

Hamblubber nearly kills baby while trying to human., submitted: 11/26/2016 8:46:18 PM, 9 points (+9|-0)

'Attack' In Nice, France: '30 Dead' As Truck Hits Crowd, submitted: 7/14/2016 10:00:37 PM, 18 points (+18|-0)

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Why don't we have 'Straight Pride' or 'White History month'? submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to AskVoat

Jizzmaster3000 1 points 78 points (+79|-1) ago

Pride-months are for the weak.


Jizzmaster3000 0 points 76 points (+76|-0) ago

He's a Globalist and a former Rothschild Banker. Best guess is that he's just playing politics to try and take away support from Le Pen. That or he pulled off the greatest long-con of all time.

Amazon Alexa Says Jesus Christ Is a 'Fictional Character' and Gender Is a Spectrum submitted by Ex-Redditor to technology

Jizzmaster3000 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago

I love that people are paying for their own wiretap. Retards.

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A BLM leader's "reasons" Blacks are superior. submitted by TheKobold to whatever

Jizzmaster3000 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Yet Sub-Saharan Africa never even invented a written language.

Is this where the myth that 'skinny women look like adolescent boys' come from? submitted by conchpearls1 to fatpeoplehate

Jizzmaster3000 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

It comes from feminists trying to demonize male sexuality which pretty much all they do when it comes to sexuality. Basically it comes down to:- Don't like human bean bags with purple hair = gay paedophile