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Circumcision - Am I taking crazy pills or is it baby torture?, submitted: 9/28/2019 6:14:02 PM, 214 points (+234|-20)

Spielberg's adopted mulatto daughter was abused by Hollywood and wants to be a porn star, submitted: 2/19/2020 11:02:26 PM, 84 points (+85|-1)

Today in Clown World: In MD county, teachers will be fined $5K for teaching, submitted: 8/9/2020 11:29:57 AM, 31 points (+31|-0)

Frozen 2 wasn't bad, submitted: 11/29/2019 8:11:19 PM, 16 points (+21|-5)

It is estimated there are more people working as slaves in the US today than the number of slaves that were shipped from Africa to North America pre-Civil War, submitted: 6/29/2020 1:52:10 PM, 14 points (+16|-2)

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Surprising absolutely no one at all, Samsung's folding-screen phones knackered within days submitted by roznak to technology

It_was_the_juice 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago

Somewhere there is an engineer being fired even after warning management months ago that this technology wasn't ready yet.

Circumcision - Am I taking crazy pills or is it baby torture? submitted by It_was_the_juice to science

It_was_the_juice 3 points 33 points (+36|-3) ago

And that's another point. You never hear about any adult choosing to be cut except for the rare case of someone going insane and wanting to become a Jew.

We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden submitted by yurisrevenge to news

It_was_the_juice 0 points 33 points (+33|-0) ago

At my next company-mandated sexual abuse prevention training, I'm going to point out that hugs, kisses, and uncomfortable touching aren't considered sexual misconduct. Thanks New York Times!

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Tracked for years, wiped out by a drone: How Qassem Soleimani was targeted by 230mph laser guided Hellfire missile fired from near-silent US MQ-9 Reaper drone after years of tracking his whereabouts submitted by Smells_Like_Tacos to news

It_was_the_juice 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

Iranians have been attacking Americans in Iraq going back to the start of the war. George W and Barack were pussies for not taking this guy out before.

American Aryan Family submitted by jewsbadnews to pics

It_was_the_juice 11 points -3 points (+8|-11) ago

His name is Micah. The family is pretty anti-social and conservative, he's probably had limited experience with women.

ANOTHER WHITE INFANT STOLEN ! CPS Regularly steals White Babies claiming abuse, even if actual physical wound caused by hospitals themselves! John Cox fucked over by CPS! Not ENOUGH WHITES to snatch? submitted by oaf to news

It_was_the_juice 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Fake news. I don't know any white person who would just let CPS take away their children like that, much less a doctor who would have access to significant legal resources. Something like this is so ridiculous it would have made the national news if it actually happened.