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Left privilege, submitted: 3/30/2019 4:32:16 PM, 328 points (+328|-0)

So I was hiking across the North Pole when..., submitted: 2/16/2019 2:58:41 AM, 294 points (+298|-4)

Dreaming about Slavery, submitted: 3/31/2019 3:12:41 PM, 223 points (+224|-1)

The Real Joker, submitted: 4/6/2019 10:36:22 PM, 205 points (+212|-7)

Parents withdraw 600 kids from school over 'LGBT lessons' row, submitted: 3/2/2019 9:56:00 PM, 169 points (+169|-0)

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Are we too stupid to deserve Donald Trump?, submitted: 4/16/2019 1:46:51 AM, -9 points (+2|-11)

Why Epic is better than Steam, submitted: 2/6/2019 8:43:34 PM, -5 points (+3|-8)

Swing dancing, submitted: 4/5/2019 9:05:06 PM, -3 points (+1|-4)

Gorgeous Boobs, submitted: 12/11/2017 6:49:47 PM, -2 points (+6|-8)

Antisemitox, submitted: 3/13/2017 3:11:57 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

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We was dolphins submitted by turtlesarepureevil to funny

HootersMcBoobies 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

Any normal non-moron would have looked at a god damn map first. They would have brought a cell phone .. and yes, they would have walked back up to their cars.

The dumb bitch even says she'll never tube again. Like it's not the tubing that was dangerous. It's that you're too stupid to know how rivers work you dumb cunt.

Guess I'll get V-Power instead submitted by 1quickdub to whatever

HootersMcBoobies 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago

anyone have a video of the full advert?

Dat feeling, when you need 2 chairs in order to cram you piehole, so you require 3 next time #whendreamscometrue submitted by fuckboy_shitlord to fatpeoplehate

HootersMcBoobies 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago

It's either a fetish or a total lack of self respect. If it's a fetish, it's a dangerous one. Having one of those beasts on top could lead to serious injury or death. They should have the same warnings forklifts have, tattooed onto their bodies like a tramp stamp.

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The Real Victims of the NZ Shooting are all the Innocent White Christians that the (((MSM))) will Blame. submitted by 8_billion_eaters to politics

HootersMcBoobies 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Because they murdered hundreds of thousands of the natives or gave them small pox.

Don't try to Tango with cops in China. submitted by AOU to videos

HootersMcBoobies 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

Unlike America cops, they're not doughnut filled. They also don't need fancy firearms.

looking for a good deal on shoes submitted by Dontlookatme to creepshots

HootersMcBoobies 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Thanks for keeping this sub alive!