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TIL: Israel forcibly sterilized it's black immigrants without their knowledge to protect their "existence as a Jewish and democratic state"., submitted: 12/2/2019 3:49:23 PM, 319 points (+320|-1)

I would like to introduce everyone with a "bad back", a "Thyroid problem" or non specific "Kundishuns" to Steve. Steve has cerebral palsy., submitted: 9/13/2016 7:03:43 PM, 226 points (+237|-11)

Pick one Clinton., submitted: 9/19/2016 6:07:04 PM, 159 points (+162|-3)

Voat is now blocked in china., submitted: 9/20/2019 11:22:26 AM, 159 points (+159|-0)

Be like Kirk, submitted: 6/13/2019 9:33:52 AM, 139 points (+144|-5)

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Fat filmed shaving her trotters in a public swimming pool. I feel sick., submitted: 6/4/2018 3:43:41 PM, -15 points (+4|-19)

Ginsberg is dead., submitted: 11/25/2019 8:05:11 AM, -10 points (+1|-11)

Obese American made Taiwanese flight attendant wipe his ass., submitted: 1/23/2019 9:21:38 AM, -9 points (+4|-13)

Fat Acceptance Activist Dead From Heart Attack at 34, submitted: 3/20/2017 2:47:09 PM, -5 points (+6|-11)

(((Wall Street Journal))) took money from children with Cancer and gave it to Nazis., submitted: 3/29/2020 11:41:41 AM, -3 points (+1|-4)

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Nigger 'parents' submitted by TheGrandMaster to whatever

HitlerDinduNufin 0 points 92 points (+92|-0) ago

Jesus christ. What on earth did evil white people do to that poor parent to drive them to this?

Account Deleted By User submitted by phareoct to funny

HitlerDinduNufin 0 points 78 points (+78|-0) ago

I live in China. I am a fucking white male.

Often when I go to eat, I have to pay in advance. I notice Chinese customers pay their bills after they eat.

Know what I do when this happens?

I pay my fucking bill.

Its the restaurants loss. If I pay up front, I am much much less likely to order more food or drinks afterwards, or stay longer as I have paid my bill and dont feel like adding another step to the transaction by making a fresh bill for extras.

The last thing ill ever do is try and go to the press for compensation. I would be laughed out of the country.

I wait a month to report illegal immigrants. submitted by CANCEL-CAT-FACTS to whatever

HitlerDinduNufin 1 points 75 points (+76|-1) ago

Doing god's work. Thank you.

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Fit to Fat: Kate Moss. How the mighty have fallen... submitted by conchpearls1 to fatpeoplehate

HitlerDinduNufin 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago

She is 45 years old.

People are waking up submitted by h3rts to HDLunited

HitlerDinduNufin 9 points -6 points (+3|-9) ago

Some kind of televangelist?

Why do they always have to talk about god? To reach more normies and teach them the (((Truth))) your message must be secular. Banging on about your god just puts people off.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Ngrfgt to whatever

HitlerDinduNufin 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

Hey Cunt,

How about you go talk to some actual medical professionals instead of taking life and death advice from a bunch of assholes on the internet.

Best wishes,

-An asshole on the internet.