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Far-Right Rock Festivals on Rise in Germany submitted by sorosh8 to European

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We need right wing concerts in the states

I Know Why So Many Angry Women Have Blue Hair submitted by SpareHuman to European

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The blue dye comes from China and has a high lead content

European is censored while pedophiles can talk openly. submitted by Redditsucks111 to European

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The reddit warrant canary is dead. It is possible the reddit admins were forced to quarantine /r/european submitted by dirk to European

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Yes it does make sense

The r/European quarantine and the upcoming UK election June 23 to leave the EU submitted by Herodotus_ to European

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Good news

Pig's head found outside Merkel's constituency office submitted by EmmetMcTaggart to European

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On door knobs all public building, schools, trains so there alway the smell of bacon