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Rocket League Upcoming Patch & DLC submitted by Noctias to gaming

HenryAlSirat 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago

Just one more 5 minute match. Just one more... And another... And another... And another... And another...

Love this game.

deleted by user submitted by THC to news

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Obesity is a disease! We should crack down on it with tofu and kale smoothies!

Shouldn't of done that. submitted by BaIoo to gifs

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What we see here is a perfect example of the inherent dangers associated with the "flash boner." This tragic phenomenon is, of course, the result of the partially-erect penis filling with blood at at a constant rate, only to suddenly and explosively fill to capacity. The physiological mechanisms behind this rare and under-researched pathology are still unknown. By placing a celebratory pyrotechnic device over the Danger Zone, and then becoming sexually aroused, this subject entered a situation that could only ever have one outcome. Thus, through his actions, he discovered that outcome for himself.

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Notice. Sub being held until reddit mods can transfer submitted by Tokyofpv to fpvracing

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doing the lord's work, sir...

Girls who can't spell "cologne" submitted by sen-pai to funny

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(ambergris joke alert!!) Same girl would probably say it smells like a whale cologne

Ellen Pao Steps Down as CEO of Reddit submitted by ClassicLiberaltarian to news

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If I had to guess, this is probably part of a transition contingency they orchestrated. She'll be around to help transition her actual, day-to-day responsibilities to either Steve or other admins. Basically SOP for changing upper-level management positions unless there is a compelling reason for the two parties to sever ties immediately.