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Whatcha doing there (((Google)))? submitted by Splooge to politics

HatePrincipal 0 points 47 points (+47|-0) ago

Neither is correct.

A nation is a race, a people with a common heritage.


A country is a place, a land where a nation lives, or multiple nations if your state is insane or occupied by a foreign power, ie zog

Doublethink achieved! I now simultaneously believe that COVID19 is an engineered bioweapon, and also that it doesn't exist. submitted by ShitsInHoneypots to whatever

HatePrincipal 5 points 37 points (+42|-5) ago

What if it’s real and was supposed to hit Americans a lot harder and a lot of traitors made big bets on America failing but shutdown helped AND meth prevents it from being fatal and that’s why North Korea has no cases and Mexico very few cases and the Chinese and traitors never planned for meth or that so many Americans used meth.

You know what they did right? As the virus hit America half the world tried to dump the petrodollar destroy America’s energy industry while hedge faggots dump bonds While Saudis/Russia dumped oil and Germany/Canada hoarded ppe. They (America’s own 1% ruling class neoliberal Jews and China and leftist NATO members and Saudis and Russia) shorted America and tried to leave it with no production, a fatigued military, dependent on foreign oil, dependent on foreign medicine, plagued, debt it could never pay off, Weimar 2.0. Commie plot generations in the making, since Kissinger sent Nixon to China to start the NWO after Americans ended the draft, and they’d convince their brainwashed it was a good thing to save the climate from Nazis.

They ALMOST won WW3 without firing a shot, but the USA pirates ppe, saw through the traitors bs real fast, and hydroxchloriquine and also meth/Desoxyn turned out to be cures. The Fed essentially sold itself to the treasury for $1 and let the bond market be nationalized, the formerly private owned central bank became executive-owned confiscated the wealth of emigrants and rebels just like Marx said to in the commie manifesto.

I repeat by nationalizing the bond market the fed/treasury literally went full national socialist and overnight deleted its cosmopolitan ruling class since the enlightenment who had tried to bury America and move to China. The former ruling class now has only cash on hand and their real estate, and their shirts have turned to liabilities as the stock market hasn’t cratered. They are fucked to put it lightly. And the fed/treasury has a lot of ownership to award a new class of Americans if we survive the crisis

Their plan c to this plan b after losing impeachment and facing another election defeat was to kill us all with a vaccine rushed through safety procedures. But people wised up to bill gates nasal spray of salvaccination. Trump started opening back up the economy after Easter as promised, and now Democrat’s are in a panic.

So they’ve built these confederacies California Oregon Washington and New York New England to try and claim states rights to “keep citizens safe” by keeping their economies shut down past Election Day so they can do mail in vote fraud or at the very least use their populations as human shields to avoid justice and prevent Trump from doing what Lincoln did in 1861 when Democrats did this shit to him: suspend writ of habeus corpus and start arresting entire state governments and judiciaries for insurrection against the laws of the United States.

Treasonous naive Democrats almost lost us WW3 but fucked it up and would have gotten us nuked if it had gone worse, had hoped to genocide us with a deadly vaccine, but now having lost control of the narrative lost the Mandate of Heaven lost their pants, lost their plot to steal the election, facing justice with no more recourse to institutional games, Democrats have already fired the first shot of a civil war by forming confederacies on the East and west coast, states whose wealth is dependent on enlightenment globalism capitalist or communist, while pretending it is about states rights to keep their citizens safe from a virus they helped maximize spread and severity of, when they are doing nothing more than a violent dangerous last resort to avoid justice and continue their minority rule, where nonessential faggots have all the wealth and power yet essential labor everyone depends on for survival doesn’t even pay a subsistence wage.

i repeat the civil war has already started. They are doing the same shit to Trump they did to Lincoln. They will killl everyone in America to evade justice again. All patriots of the well-regulated militia are obliged to put this insurrection down before it festers further. All rebels to the laws of the United States are fair game whether governor, legislature, judiciary, or officers thereof.

"Census shows white decline" is a polite way to put it. "Total demographic collapse" is a better description of the data submitted by HatePrincipal to politics

HatePrincipal 2 points 37 points (+39|-2) ago

This is way past the panic point.

This form of government will not help us, indeed it kneels on the neck of our entire race and way of life as it kneels before the peaceful protestors as they burn their cities down and beat their politicians in the street covered with BLM signs as some mark of the passover.

The media will never say a word in our favor, engage in good faith debate, or even allow us a platform except it be sabotaged.

The DOJ sent 15 FBI agents to investigate a NASCAR garage door puller as a noose. If Hillary had ever emailed a swastika she’d be serving life.

Anyone empowered by this system is blackmailed prozac’d xanax’d kike’d poz’d to do anything but aid our destruction.

Elections are simply between one half or the other of the ruling class that established the DOJ to defend itself while atomizing any organization that forms around a concept not already captured or capturable by the ruling class.

Durham’s investigation wont be over before election, Barr promised a “development” by the end of summer to string along trust the plan goons. No one in the DOJ will ever seriousky bring any player in the ruling class to justice, they are in the DOJ to get a fucking membership card for their own family if they don’t already have one. If anyone DOJ ever actually took down Hillary or Obama at the DOJ level its not like they get a promotion to superduper Federal AG or a free scotus nom, their family just gets blacklisted by the ruling class forever.

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This is just practice, wait till it's for real submitted by antiliberalsociety to funny

HatePrincipal 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

Communnism is the lazy, low-IQ man's easy way to get stuff without working. It isnt a coincidence that 95% of niggers vote left.

What the dumbest statement. You speaking of liberal welfare states. In communism, everyone fucking works by coercion if necessary until they cant, and harder labor for criminals. There’s no capitalists or jews or landlords getting rich by sitting around owning things, nor any obese negroid queens producing as many babies as the government and planned parenthood will pay her for.

Communism never dies because it was the original social state of man; we were not born with money in our assholes, the first societies, the first men and women, had no financial system or market, no tests to take. If they needed something from someone they had to have some social relation with them, they couldn’t just hand some paper to stranger and receive ownership over aome stuff he made. Kids worked wnd bonded with and learned from their parents.

In capitalism the goal is to get rich move far away from everyone, acquire and consume anything you want with paper pieces and not even have to know the name of who made it.

Bill Gates supposedly made up to 3 million Kenyan women sterile with a vaccine - now I have mixed feeling about him submitted by PhilKDick to politics

HatePrincipal 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

He’s literally Enki/Set/Satan the deceiver. He’s really fucking old, like An immortal. The cool gods banned him from flooding humans again to punish them for not letting him fuck the daughters of men anymore, and he gets really mad when mortals govern themselves without his gifts of civilization. But he can only get us to kill each other or ourselves. He’s been rewriting the matrix way back since the Semites took over Sumeria. Ishtar is a Enki in drag, even erasing the matriarchy and humanities distance from gods and made himself the god of the flood more and more absolute until he is anonymous forces of nature and man is without purpose in a meaningless dark universe full of terrors and here is Bill Gates to save the world and neoliberalism and the enlightenment with an amazing vaccine for a coronavirus rushed past safety processes as early as September some say, with health care workers and high risk revolutionaries and intelligentsia taking the first doses. Wealthy individuals will have to wait at the back of the line for this perfectly safe vaccine for a coronavirus; It’s the only way to be fair/ to the poor. No reason to be concerned about safety and effectivity or logical possibility for a coronavirus virus vaccine are you some sort of Russian anti-vaccine virus denier? You don’t believe in the magic of science to solve in six months what couldn’t be solved for any other coronavirus ever and not for lack of trying?

That vaccine will take your crown of life and you will die the second death. It is no different than the kool aid suicide socialists, these are the same fucking people ideologically, their cover was blown, authorities are closing in on them, and they just kill their flock flip the board over as they risk facing real justice for corrupting the law to serve their interests since the Marxists led by Lincoln took over the throne from the old bourgeoisie ruling class, that struggle for the Arche and change in ruling class was heralded by coronavirus number four, the one associated with croup, the barking respiratory sickness and the third army in that war that lasted until Lee bent the knee and the bourgeoisie (who tried to do to Lincoln on his inauguration is what the DEMOCRATS are trying to do to trump now before his re-election and they lose 75% of all judges and scotus majority) got immunity, not in the form of a vaccine but just by submitting to the department of justice’s bulllshit created after the war to prevent any group whatsoever to organize effectively to challenge the end of history Marxists.

Since these guys fucked up iraq there have been three coronaviruses, SARS , MERS, and COVID-19 SARS 2. Each coronavirus represents the loss of the Mandate of Heaven; a ruling class either bends the knee and gains natural immunity, or resists and gets wiped out by the stress of inflammatory response to fighting their doom and subsequently erased from history, or tread water into irrelevancy simply squeezed out but still along for the ride.

Point is that Marxists are fucking overdue for a replacement, they’ve lived too deliciously and their highest claimed achievement was increasing literacy rates of slave phonetic writing so they can put up thousands of signs in every store to fight the coronavirus that frees the slaves from the rule of these assholes.

The neoliberals literally created a deplorable precariat class, because that was their ideal globalist slave force, isolated despised individuals living day to day asking permission to take a shit. The precariat class was immediately filled up with autists really mad at some things and suddenly easy access to meth.

Seriously no other class has so quickly spontaneously organized and gained class-consciousness then the precariat. Give them tweeking autists a smartphone and a job that lets them manage themselves and holy shit they’ve already advanced theory and praxis way beyond enlightenment comprehension, far beyond the heights they imagine themselves hovering over hillbillies:

Arguing for the preservation Of enlightenment principles is now equivalent to arguing for virgin sacrifice theocracy.

You think these guys are going to bend the knee to deplorables?

They didn’t bend the knee to the tech progressives who just chucked out. Didn’t bend the knee to jihadists just took them over. Contained two valid challengers. Precariat took them by surprise completely, and infected everywhere before they could contain it and now they just kinda can’t.

But you see how fast and how extensively the repressive state apparatus is deployed when the ideological state apparatus fails and slave revolt is recognized. All illusions blown they have to try and kill off as many of us as possible and steal an election and treat us like infected cattle we always were to them basically isolating however many infected remain dumping matrix and Zion both if they have to.

I mean you have rep governor of Massachusetts Baker jointing the New England and west coast democrat and chyna confederacy, Massachusetts company making coronavirus test kits in China, China stops them from leaving the country unless federal government asks pretty please, Maryland republican hogan butttbuddy with gov cuomo and Baker Bush boys insists their rebellious states whose wealth depends on h1b1s and trade with China won’t reopen until federal government gets them more tests which they had built in China by Chinese slaves.

even if Bill Gates isn’t the antichrist This is 1861 and Trump needs to suspend the writ of habeus corpus and have the military start arresting these guys who are in open insurrection against the laws of the United States, coordinating with China to maximize death from a bioterror attack. The civil war has already fucking started. And Trump is about to get checkmated like Lincoln would have been had he not arrested the Maryland legislature to stop them from voting to secede. Supreme Court Chief Justice lost his mind. media did cnn shit. Lincoln didn’t give a fuck. He compelled obedience.

But ya there’s no winning scenario for the Marxists. Fucking Neith is on her way dude, lady Kairos the 11th planet. Moms gonna fix it all soon moms coming home to put it back the way it ought to be.

Mr. Smith........ submitted by TREDDITFIRST to politics

HatePrincipal 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

was at the corporate cornorstore few days ago, there was a sign with the usual words ‘blah face mask to enter blah’ but with new words added i hadnt seen before ‘$1000 fine’ which literally injured my mind because it is just so gratuitously retarded, as some fag can give aids to a hundred people and face less consequences.

i said aloud “whats the fine for rippkng down a sign?” and ripped that faggot shit down as i was walking out the door. immigrant store clerk who makes minimum wage has no ownership no career opportunity no skills learning completely expendable comes chasing after yelling at me like he was the faggot governor smith himself.

these people have no will of their own, they are mental slaves to authority; theyd hang themselves if ‘experts’ said so because theyve had stupidity beaten into them and think there are magical wizards called’scientists’ who alone can ever think for themselves, discover or create, and scientists already know all there is to know and are never wrong about anything. these people learned to be helpless.

Agent Smith consequently, is best summed up as the personified manifestation of the rule of law. Rule of law is and always will be white supremacy (and not the good kind). because rule of law is a weapon created by whites, specifically anglos, forged from their own submissive nature that was beaten and bred into them by centuries of the Norman yoke, preceeding that by the Romans and Assyrians and Egyptians. From Exodus to 1776 a big long series of getting subjected and fucked.

Rule of Law takes the submissive nature of history’s slaves and instead of having them obey phonetic written written in stone as the word of gos and the masters, they do whatever bullshit they are told by whoever convincingly or forcefully bullshits them. Apart from following the rules, they rarely volunteer any new ideas or recommendations, as they require permission to do anything not already covered by the rules, so many are the rules and so afraid of breaking a rule they may not know of. the risks associated with being on the wrong side of the rule of law are so life-altering (as intended hy the weaponization of mental bondage) that these slaves desire nothing more than a script to follow obediently with minimal responsibility decision making; they will do the dumbest shit imaginable, like enforce social distancing at drive in theaters (shit you not) because otherwise they get in trouble with a boss or politician they could easily hang and replace, anything they are told without vocalizing complaint or suggestion, just keep their head down do as told, because they have no conception of how to form real communities that work together for common good on common cause, snd the DOJ WORKS TO ENSURE EVERYONE IS ATOMIZED BUT THE RULING CLASS.

No other society on earth or history respects ‘rule of law’ as a good except for whites, anglos, and countries where they rule. every other place or people that DOES at least institute rule of law makes a mockery of it, uses it corruptly against their own people for personal gain.

Take China for example number one. like sociopaths theyll sit there in a meeting sign contracts explain all the terms and limitstions they nod heads then steal everything and act confused when accused insisting they never broke any law, inwardly wondering why stupid white people just give all kinds of shit away for free.

The china thing shows that the difference between rule-of-law-compatibles and incompatibles isnt just about intelligence or development. its a question of “how long were you cucked as a people to other nations?” The most intelligent Chinese will still act like niggers in any rules based setting designed with the expectation that participants allow common sense fairness while acting.

Niggers themselves even having been physically (but jot as mentally libidinally as whites) enslaved are a more familiar example. every time a nigger encounters police or gains authority the rule of law becomes spectacle or scandal.

Every “goodboy dindu nuffin” is an expression of lack of comprehension of the whole concept and institution of rule of law as anything other than another form of slavery enacted by the white man, expression of lack of understanding why on earth whites would put it on themselves, leading to typical assumptions that whites are always breaking the same laws niggers do and more but only punish a few whites for show. Then when niggers get authority because these stupid ignorant suicidal whites think we are all human and niggers are ready or due such power, the niggers (and this is the same for feminists) do what they imagined whites did - niggers with authority give free passes to niggers and prosecute whites exclusively.

when an intelligent psychopath like Obama (exhibit 1 why race mixing is the death of civilizations, why after supposedly hudreds of thousands of years of humans these soulless raging light skinned niggers only started being born this past century as governments began intervening in social dynamics to engineer populations against natural biological preferences.

One or more of these dudes getting control over rule of law results in all sorts of corruption of it, even making it self-destructive to comply with; but ignorant submissive idiot whites will continue to obey, even as niggers write laws and pimp media and arguments for whites to cut off their dicks and abort their babies and fill their country with nonwhites and pay for all of them. A corrupted Rule of Law can and almost did this year collapse the most powerful country in history just by changing a few rules the good boys will follow to their doom.

And AG Barr, like the naive Kantian he is, wants to “restore rule of law” from the dems corruption, as if two terms of obama was all thats wrong with it, all that needs reforming or defense against.

Whatever Barr restores will only be heeded by whites not nonwhites, will only be applied to whites because we dont want to be racist, and will only be applied by whites because niggers who never accept its application to them as legitimate will never apply it to themselves only against whites as illlegitimately as niggers imagine whites apply it to niggers.

Thus, Barr’s big naive mission to restore rule of law is just going to cause alot of suffering, both to the nonwhites who will never be respect it without a thousand years of mental slavery on top of the physical bondage, and to the whites who will be abused even genocided the next time a nigger or race traitor gains power over the law. Better to wake whites up out of their faggotted submissiveness to authority so they can act independently according to virtue and personal judgment on the spot without fear or direction or their rationality manipulated by bullshit; however, if a society must for some reason keep rule of law that society must be completely homogenous whites only airtight borders no immigration or imported culture - no one else needs or wants rule of law except whites, no one else takes it seriously running it or obeying it except whites.

The saddest part is that naive rule of law whites treat nonwhites under this white system like little children who are disruptive and hotheaded but good hearted and want to learn and advance to live awesome secure and prosperous good life like developed whites. that the niggers and muslims and chinese will be just like any other white person totally not giving a fuck about their religion race or history or anything but material self interest as a consumer, we just have to be extra nice to them and not racist and give them extra leeway to understand the black experience and how thry struggle unless we feed them and house them and give them dollars and cigarettes every time they see us on the street and apologize for theirngreat grandparents being slaves etc.

**Whites dont understand that submission to rule of law is something that was beaten and bred into whites over thousands of years, and not a mere portion of their race like niggers briught to america, entire countries of whites occupied by invaders or ruled by foreign imperial powers until their own history and customs were forgotten, culture overwritten, knowing only obedience for survival, worshiping an all powerful God who speaks and it is so, just like a slave master commanding obedient slaves.