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The treehouse I built for my kiddos [Original content], submitted: 6/18/2015 2:14:30 PM, 248 points (+248|-0)

r/blacklivesmatter now set to private. , submitted: 8/11/2015 3:15:43 PM, 112 points (+113|-1)

Voat after today's AMA, submitted: 7/16/2015 3:10:13 PM, 106 points (+109|-3)

Donald Trump the loose cannon: U.S. Republicans all but powerless to stop billionaire's candidacy, submitted: 8/11/2015 3:25:27 PM, 97 points (+108|-11)

Acid $1.00, submitted: 5/25/2015 3:39:08 PM, 65 points (+65|-0)

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r/blacklivesmatter now set to private. submitted by Harvo to MeanwhileOnReddit

Harvo 0 points 55 points (+55|-0) ago

They sure were.

TRUMP: I'LL PROSECUTE HILLARY AS PRESIDENT submitted by SrSysEng to politics

Harvo 1 points 42 points (+43|-1) ago

And make Hillary pay for it.

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Active Shooter - Oregons Umpqua Community College -10 Dead, 20+ Wounded submitted by 9-11 to news

Harvo 32 points -25 points (+7|-32) ago

When will America realize that guns are the problem? Fuck the 2nd amendment.

Turns Out It Was Google not the Russians Screwing with the election submitted by Crashmarik to politics

Harvo 26 points -23 points (+3|-26) ago

I still can't figure out why nobody wants to advertise on Voat.

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton 'Killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity' submitted by OhBlindOne to politics

Harvo 20 points -15 points (+5|-20) ago

Trump has gone full retard.