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Girl Picks On The Wrong Cheerleader submitted by truthbeloathed to videos

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Oops! This video was removed for violating our TOS.



do you believe in the supernatural? submitted by zyklon_b to AskVoat

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Do we believe in undiscovered aspects of reality? Yes.

Voat seems to be staying the same size a good thing and bad thing? But with free speech being so awesome why are we not growing? submitted by Doglegwarrior to AskVoat

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That voat isn't following the cancer model, by making growth the priority, is a welcome change from business as usual.

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'Hero' Cops Raid Cancer Patient's Hospital Room For Treating Cancer With THC Oil submitted by Sour to news

Hand_of_Node 25 points -21 points (+4|-25) ago

Would you say the same for a guy who really, really wants to have sex with children? "C'mon man, how can you be so heartless as to deny him?"

Freedom from tyranny submitted by puggy to whatever

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You're like a nigger that won't shut the fuck up in the movie theater. Don't move to a 'community' that specifically prohibits flying flags if you want to fly a flag. How hard is that to understand?

*Apparently a lot of kids on voat find that very difficult to understand. Stay in your ghettos, niggers.

Okay, there's some nuance on this that I wasn't aware of.

Direct from the US code:

4 U.S.C.

United States Code, 2011 Edition




“A condominium association, cooperative association, or residential real estate management association may not adopt or enforce any policy, or enter into any agreement, that would restrict or prevent a member of the association from displaying the flag of the United States on residential property within the association with respect to which such member has a separate ownership interest or a right to exclusive possession or use.


Nothing in this Act shall be considered to permit any display or use that is inconsistent with—

“(1) any provision of chapter 1 of title 4, United States Code, or any rule or custom pertaining to the proper display or use of the flag of the United States (as established pursuant to such chapter or any otherwise applicable provision of law); or

“(2) any reasonable restriction pertaining to the time, place, or manner of displaying the flag of the United States necessary to protect a substantial interest of the condominium association, cooperative association, or residential real estate management association.

"The HOA can prohibit any flag not representing an official federal holiday..."

Laws may differ in your local jurisdiction, but flying your US flag on July 4th appears to be federally protected, as long as it meets size and other specifications I'm no longer interested in researching. A standard 3' x 5' flag is probably okay, sunrise to sunset, and etc.

'Hero' Cops Raid Cancer Patient's Hospital Room For Treating Cancer With THC Oil submitted by Sour to news

Hand_of_Node 15 points -14 points (+1|-15) ago

That's quite a fragile emotional state you have going there. Shall I assume that's your most rational rebuttal?