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Farage exposing Soros EU collusion on the parliament floor, submitted: 12/28/2018 1:31:10 PM, 66 points (+66|-0)

Stages of communist takeovers- Yuri Bezmenov, submitted: 5/18/2020 2:19:45 PM, 41 points (+41|-0)

Nunes Brilliant at exposing Vindman's vanity - purposely addressing him as 'Mr Vindman', submitted: 11/24/2019 4:10:58 AM, 27 points (+27|-0)

NZ FF Second mosque fake footage., submitted: 3/24/2019 2:19:25 AM, 24 points (+26|-2)

Epoch times investigation on what the Chicom's are up to building bio weapons , 50 mins but a must watch., submitted: 4/15/2020 1:16:17 PM, 24 points (+24|-0)

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BOOM!....., submitted: 12/27/2019 11:44:32 AM, -9 points (+2|-11)

here as well if your female, submitted: 4/11/2020 4:38:40 PM, -5 points (+2|-7)

Martyr Rudolf Hess the Zionist Warmonger Churchill, submitted: 1/13/2020 12:25:55 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

Hess the martyr, submitted: 9/2/2019 2:46:47 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Dave brat: China hand in 9/11 ?, submitted: 5/16/2020 2:02:04 PM, 0 points (+3|-3)

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Tom Fitton: "The Ivanka Trump email story pops up shortly after a federal court orders Hillary Clinton to answer key questions on her email scheme. I'm sure it is just a coincidence. " submitted by NoraPandora to theawakening

Hakencruze 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago

New narritive : Ivanka email .... email email email , server server server in the news where have we heard that before ? it's all on purpose folks and for a reason and they are falling right into it. These people are stupid

Don't forget her. Ebba Åkerlund, 2005-2017. Rest well, sweet child. submitted by Splooge to pics

Hakencruze 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

Search her name seeing as you took the time comment would have been easier for you , insensitive prick

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Portland Antifa activist was killed in hit and run submitted by Conspirologist to news

Hakencruze 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

Ease up ok , he was 23 and brain washed , our job is to covert the radicals not gloat over a death

What do you do when you get married? submitted by Reverse-Flash to funny

Hakencruze 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

an oldie that's supposed to be funny

Pamphlet you receive when flying to London with Air China submitted by BlackOwl to pics

Hakencruze 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

Fake , short on Chinese charterers to cover the translation