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96 submissions to Elpis

61 submissions to whatever

21 submissions to whatever2

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A quick bio on Hillary Clinton, submitted: 1/23/2020 1:38:57 PM, 215 points (+219|-4)

Genie Energy, submitted: 1/14/2020 4:28:54 PM, 182 points (+186|-4)

NY Post, Police take out a full page ad : "What Did You Think Would Happen?", submitted: 7/17/2020 4:35:57 PM, 155 points (+156|-1)

Never ever alone, submitted: 1/21/2020 12:48:51 AM, 149 points (+150|-1)

Councilman Riddick, submitted: 1/19/2020 12:08:16 AM, 148 points (+150|-2)

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Srayzie admits- She and Shizzy is @Clitorissa and @Gyna, submitted: 5/26/2019 11:04:52 PM, -6 points (+7|-13)

Gotcha Srayzie, submitted: 6/25/2019 1:57:45 AM, -5 points (+4|-9)

Q cult sex cams, submitted: 6/27/2019 12:52:18 AM, -5 points (+4|-9)

The fat cat lady @Generaldouche is keeping Puttitout in her basement. How do we save him? She could Smoosh him to death and eat/absorb him., submitted: 12/6/2019 5:23:50 AM, -5 points (+6|-11)

@Crensch if Srayzie felt threatened then..., submitted: 1/18/2020 1:05:13 AM, -5 points (+7|-12)

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Fucking great. My neighborhood's going to shit. submitted by Splooge to whatever

Gothamgirl 1 points 62 points (+63|-1) ago

Leave before all value of your home and property is lost.

How was Mom Voat? submitted by PuttItOut to Voat

Gothamgirl 4 points 43 points (+47|-4) ago

This site is still the best.

David Seaman "finally lost it", according to 'a friend', who claims Seaman was poisoned and needs help submitted by 1ew to pizzagate

Gothamgirl 8 points 42 points (+50|-8) ago

If it wasn't for people like David speaking up, some of us wouldn't have ever heard about Pizzagate. Get well soon David!

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New subverse spreading my pics and lies about me. Here are some screenshots and truth for you @Zyklon_b @Gothamgirl @Trigglypuff submitted by srayzie to ProtectVoat

Gothamgirl 12 points -9 points (+3|-12) ago

No not true I had a nervous breakdown. I have a nerve disease called reflex symptomatic dystrophy. In other words when people get on my nerves it hurts enough to be hospitalized.

I didn't admit to anything being bullshit, I really felt she did at that time, I was mistaken.

i will now address the "pre-emptive" bans of @Gothamgirl @C_Corax and @zyklon_b submitted by theoldones to ProtectVoat

Gothamgirl 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

No I didn't you are a liar.

New subverse spreading my pics and lies about me. Here are some screenshots and truth for you @Zyklon_b @Gothamgirl @Trigglypuff submitted by srayzie to ProtectVoat

Gothamgirl 11 points -7 points (+4|-11) ago

You are not Q stop trying to drag those people into it, you are a complete skitzo who manipulates others, and Voat as a whole.