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Forbid subs dedicated to PORN, submitted: 3/9/2018 3:19:44 AM, -9 points (+8|-17)

BREAKING: President Donald Trump Makes Announcement on Syria - April 13, 2018, submitted: 4/14/2018 2:13:31 AM, 0 points (+3|-3)

The Holocaust was not a lie... because it was real in my mind, submitted: 9/25/2018 11:56:25 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

The Vicious Snake: Donald Trumps Warns America, submitted: 3/20/2018 2:10:30 AM, 3 points (+5|-2)

Differentiate between NSFW and PORN, submitted: 3/9/2018 3:06:42 AM, 4 points (+11|-7)

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I just found out some nigger raped my girlfriend and I don't know what to do. submitted by jobenzo2nd to Niggers

Glory_Beckons 3 points 80 points (+83|-3) ago

Yeah, this.

@jobenzo2nd The behavior and facts you're describing are very suspicious.

  • Knows his full name ==> She knows him quite well
  • Not some random nigger ==> A nigger she knew and hung out with
  • Withholding his last name from you ==> You don't know him at all
  • She hangs out with this nigger without you knowing about him
  • Now she's protecting him ==> From you
  • A girl that is hurt and scared will want her boyfriend to take care of her
  • Instead she's making a power play ==> Controlling what you know
  • Tells you enough to make you upset and take her side
  • But not enough to do anything with that information
  • You talk about it happening "less than 24 hours ago"
  • Sounds like she didn't tell you right away... did she?

Clear your head, calm your heart... and have a very somber look at all this.

When Virtue Signaling Becomes Deadly: Girl Decapitated in Morocco (extremely NSFW) submitted by dayofthehope to videos

Glory_Beckons 2 points 73 points (+75|-2) ago

Everyone should watch this. And many others like it.

It should be mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to vote or have any say in matters of state.

The only reason things like this are allowed to happen is because we all live in self-censored, sanitized information bubbles that distort our perception of the world, prevent us from forming an accurate view of it, and paint us a picture of some happy fantasy world that never existed. Our media pulls blinders over our eyes so we never see such things. And when we are shown by other channels, most of us, even here, will cringe and look away and tell themselves they just can't and it's too real. But you must. Because it's real.

This is reality. You need to see it to understand it. You need to understand it to make sound decisions and judgments.

I thought Americans were assholes until I moved away from LA. Then I realized how mostly kind and considerate people were and my problem was with people in LA, not Americans in general. submitted by eqi397 to whatever

Glory_Beckons 4 points 71 points (+75|-4) ago

Your mistake was assuming LA is an American city.

LA is about as American as London is British.

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Oh, look, Kek goes down and almost immediately a wave of CP is uploaded to Imgoat. I'm sure it's nothing. I'm sure we're just being paranoid and that our communities aren't really under attack... submitted by discoball to whatever

Glory_Beckons 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

Please read again. I'm calling Reddit Marxist, not "not banning".

Banning is neither Marxist nor freedom. Banning is not an ideology or an ideal. Banning is a tool to accomplish a goal.

The nature of what you're doing is determined by what kind of goals you pursue. Not which tools you happen to use.

PS: Reddit never banned porn.

Oh, look, Kek goes down and almost immediately a wave of CP is uploaded to Imgoat. I'm sure it's nothing. I'm sure we're just being paranoid and that our communities aren't really under attack... submitted by discoball to whatever

Glory_Beckons 10 points -4 points (+6|-10) ago

Thats how reddit censorship started.

Take the obvious thing that most people hate first.

I have no words for how much I despise that "argument".

Guys, let's make [insert bad thing] illegal

*GASP* That's how Communism started!

No, it's not.

Different "bad thing", different scope, different goals, different ideals, different purpose entirely.

The notion that any attempt at setting any kind of ground rules to maintain basic order and fitness for purpose will, somehow, lead to the same results as the product of rampant Neo-Marxist ideology gone amok is profoundly absurd. And you should feel bad for not realizing this yourself.

Can we stop punching right? submitted by Empress to whatever

Glory_Beckons 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

That said he does get more than he deserves. But ...

I read what you said just fine. Perhaps you're not aware of what the word "but" does to whatever precedes it?

Lumping me in with 'them', after I said he gets more than he deserves.

Your comment, overall, very clearly leans heavily towards justifying their actions, as opposed to condemning them. So you are in fact "with them". At the very least in defending their actions here.

What a strawman argument you got there.

An allegory is not automatically a straw man, just because you don't like the point it makes.